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“We're gonna lose the very eclectic mix that makes dining out in America so wonderful ...This is going to affect so many other businesses, farmers, supply chains, distribution, artisans, purveyors of all kinds, this is the very fabric of America.” - @momofuku  founder @davidchang 

Governors in hard-hit states warn they are facing ventilator shortages, as they confront what may be the peak of the #coronavirus  outbreak. @drtaranarula  shows us how different hospitals are handling the pandemic, and the tough choices doctors may have to face.

Many doctors & nurses fighting the #coronavirus  say they do not have enough personal protective equipment (PPE). One health care administrator said they are seeing a 3-6 month delay for key supplies. @DrLaPook  looked into the PPE supply chain & how we got here.

@lauriesantos , who created the popular @Yale  class "Psychology And The Good Life," shares what the science tells us about navigating this time of uncertainty during the #coronavirus . ➡️ Meditate to calm anxiety ➡️ Help others ➡️ Focus on positives in your relationships

WATCH: @momofuku  founder @davidchang  discusses the harsh new reality facing the restaurant industry amid the #coronavirus  pandemic, and what people can do to help their local restaurants.

WATCH: @momofuku  founder @davidchang  shares how the #coronavirus  pandemic has affected his employees and him personally.

Twitter co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey said he was committing $1 billion of his personal fortune to coronavirus relief through his philanthropic fund.

JUST IN: Bernie Sanders is suspending his presidential campaign. The move leaves Joe Biden as the Democrats' presumptive nominee to take on President Trump.

LIVES TO REMEMBER: Freda Ocran, a former head nurse at NYC’s Jacobi Medical Center, died of #covid19  on March 28. She was 50. Her son says she “gave herself undoubtedly to the church, to her work and to her kids.” @AnthonyMasonCBS  remembers the beloved health care worker:


Research shows black girls are much more likely to be punished in school than white girls. 13-year-old Samaya Dillard, who says she was dragged outside & left in the cold by her teacher in the 2nd grade, is bringing national attention to this issue. @Jerickaduncan  has the story:

WEALTH INEQUALITY: The richest 1% controls more wealth now than at any time in more than 50 years. But what does wealth inequality really look like? @tonydokoupil  turned America’s economic pie into a real one and asked people a simple question: Who gets what?

Most Tweeted about celebrities at the #GRAMMYs  : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

This just in from : Border Patrol has reached out to and said they are "very uncomfortable" with the use of the word cages. They say it's not inaccurate and added that they may be cages but people are not being treated like animals.

@WNBA  legend @LisaLeslie  told @GayleKing  that Kobe Bryant's legacy is "not complicated" for her despite his 2003 rape accusation. "I don't think it's something that we should keep hanging over his legacy."

"Just let her live. Let her be an artist... This is a girl, just living her life." K-pop artist Amber Liu@llama_ajol ) speaks out about her former f(x) band mate Sulli, who died by apparent suicide in October.

#BREAKING @CBSNews  has learned U.S. officials are confident that Iran shot down a Ukrainian jetliner in the hours after the Iranian missile attack on U.S. targets. 176 people were killed, including at least 63 Canadians.

A @CBSNews  investigation has uncovered a possible pay-for-play scheme involving the Republican National Committee and President Trump's nominee for ambassador to the Bahamas.