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Jane Pauley talks with the vice president-elect @KamalaHarris  and her husband @douglasemhoff  about their marriage and blended family, and his role as the first "second gentleman."

Every day that 91-yo Gene McGehee steps outside his house he discovers a bunch of kids from the daycare across the street. And because McGehee has severe dementia, every day brings a wonder of discovery. @OnTheRoadCBS  reports.

Do Nothing For Two Minutes Take a minute, turn up the volume, as we take you to Big Sky Country, in Western Montana's Sapphire Mountains. Videographer: Brad Markel.

Did you sleep in this #SundayMorning ? 🌞 We won't hold it against you. Here's what you missed

Social media – hailed as an organizing tool for pro-democracy rallies – has also become a forum for conspiracy theories, racism and disinformation. What are the implications of tech companies "de-platforming" users for speech that enflames?

After 20 years of trying, standup comedian @sarahcpr  became an overnight success when she started lip-syncing Trump; now she is looking forward to inaugurating a new stage in her career beyond lampooning the president.

After being raised among the Kaw Tribe in Kansas, Charles Curtis lived with his white father's family, and his rise – from lawyer to Congressman to Senator to Herbert Hoover's running mate – was swift and compelling.

Four King Penguins strutted their stuff at the Cincinnati Zoo Monday. Each penguin is named after a famous king. BB, Larry, Martin Luther, and Coretta Scott participated in the parade, while Burger, the oldest King Penguin decided to stay inside.


Tomorrow takes us behind the scenes with the hugely popular Korean pop group as they prepare to launch a world tour BTS' music mixes hip-hop & R&B, and is punctuated on stage by elaborate choreography. Here they are behind the scenes

The New York Times columnist @CharlesMBlow  reflects on the historical antecedents of recent attacks on America's Constitutionally-protected election.

#SundayMorning Opinion: Charlotte Clymer - Being transgender shouldn't matter in the military

Adam Sandler became an unexpected co-star during a Montreal couple's wedding photo shoot captured by The actor walked over to congratulate the newlyweds and posed in several photos with them

Nikki Haley: I was asked by Cabinet members to take sides against the president