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'It ain't about size': WR prospect Tutu Atwell@c12_atwell ) not defined by small frame @ZachGelb  #NFLDraft  📲Listen and read more here:

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How @NateBoyer37  brings combat veterans, former pro athletes together | @ALawRadio  @AfterHoursCBS  📲Listen and read more here:

Nick Sirianni can't be serious with rock-paper-scissors I @DAonCBS 

Death of the Super League should give the Power 5 pause I @DAonCBS 

🚨Reiter Than You PODCAST🚨 4️⃣/2️⃣2️⃣/2️⃣1️⃣ 🏀The impact of AD’s return to #LakeShow  ⚾ @MLBNetwork ’s @alannarizzo  #NBA  Power Rankings 🏀What @DecelCBS ? on the #Nets  🏈Rock, Paper, #Sirianni  📈📉Buy or Sell@sportsreiter 

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@ZachGelb  is tired of the selective tampering in the #NBA 

What #BillsMafia  did to honor @J_Prodigy_5 's grandmother is truly remarkable. That's a fan base that deserves a Super Bowl. @ZachGelb )

. on the NFL "freezing out" Kap: "The Washington situation is the most egregious. You saw Colt McCoy and Mark Sanchez get opportunities to play for a team that’s fighting for a playoff spot. That’s the sad part. People see what it is, and there’s nothing being done."

Brandon Wimbush's transfer to UCF more proof the Knights are legit. @DAonCBS )

“I would tell him if you’re tired of being disrespected, play better,” Lincoln Kennedy told @ZachGelb . “It’s that simple. There’s no more excuses for Derek. Now it’s either put up or shut up." #Raiders  #NFL 

The NFL schedule screwed the Bucs so badly it's crazy. @DAonCBS )

"(Danny Ainge) thinks, ‘If I can get Anthony Davis, we’ll do what we did with Kevin Garnett, he’ll fall in love here, and no matter what his agent says, he’s going to want to stay,'" @SeanDeveney  told @DAonCBS . #Celtics 

"Me and @Drake are tight." - Greg Popovich on favorite Drake song: "Not gonna say that Donald Trump thing." *laughs*