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@AdamSchein  and @WillBrinson  are both taking the Cardinals to not only cover but possibly even defeat Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.

"I don't think the history of this matchup means as much to the organizations as others may think, but I do think it is a very important game for both teams." @AmyTrask  knows a thing or two about a Raiders vs. Bucs matchup, and she breaks down this weekend's game.

On August 1st of this year during summer workouts D.J. Looney, the @RaginCajunsFB  O Line coach, passed away. Tonight, while playing in Looney's hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, the Ragin Cajuns will honor him with his name on the back of their jerseys.

Ahh yes! It is Sunday morning, you know what that means! TOPS is on NOW with @AdamSchein , @AmyTrask , @LFletcher59 , @jjones9  and @Ky1eLong  over on CBS Sports Network.

"Frauds. Absolute frauds. Yeah, the Bears have 5 wins but they are a fraudulent five-win football team." @AdamSchein  is not a believer in Chicago and their "car wreck" offense

“That is the WORST managerial move I have ever seen.” @AdamSchein  was beside himself by Kevin Cash’s decision to pull Blake Snell. #T2S 

“Greatest pitcher in the history of baseball. You wanna fight me? I’ll fight you back. Go take a look at the numbers.” Now that he finally has a ring, @AdamSchein  believes more than ever that Clayton Kershaw is the GOAT pitcher. #T2S 


Every year, seven midshipmen go to West Point for a semester. In exchange, seven West Point cadets spend a semester in Annapolis. You need to know about The Prisoner Exchange, one of the most unique aspects of The Army-Navy Game.

When the ball got stuck in the backboard, it looked like all hope was lost. unlikely hero emerged.


What an atmosphere in Huntington. "We are Marshall" echoes through the stadium.

"Are you going to be back in Carolina, are you sure you're going to be a Panther?" - @BrandonTierney  "Absolutely, absolutely." - Cam Newton

“My number’s retired at Auburn, my number’s retired in Philadelphia, my number’s retired with the Phoenix Suns. But I never won a championship. I have to live with that forever. You guys gotta chance to do that.” Charles Barkley addresses on Final Four Saturday.

Khalil Tate comes up less than a yard short of a game-tying TD as time expires. @HawaiiFootball  squeezes out the 45-38 victory. ? WHAT A GAME! WHAT A START TO THE CFB SEASON! #CFBonCBS