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  3. pres. trump condemns hatred at protests in , va., says "there's no place in america for that"
Pres. Trump condemns hatred at protests in #Charlottesville, Va., says "there's no place in America for that" https://t.co/tZfyR3BB6h
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@RobertGehrke . wrote that the best way for Huntsman to serve America would be to resign and speak out against Trump, "who attacks our allies, gives comfort to our adversaries and undermines our moral standing, our commitment to democratic ideals [and] human rights "
With President Trump’s unrelenting focus on the Mexican border and all the dangers he says it poses for America, the nation’s northern boundary has remained mostly an afterthought — even though it is potentially more porous than the southern border. https://t.co/TF7jH9dPnY
As the week of White House confusion and walk-backs comes to a close, what effect do the negative headlines have on the people working for President Trump? One report says that morale is at the “lowest level since the Charlottesville.” https://t.co/5JauybhPIV
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