Stranger stops to offer 20-year-old ride to work; days later, he returns with surprise that brings the man to tears

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@MaddowBlog : The Turkey scandal is simple: a foreign dictator asked Pres. Trump to corrupt his own country's justice system, and the Republican president gladly said yes.

Marc Anthony urges Puerto Ricans to send a clear message to President Trump in a new Lincoln Project ad: “Vote him out.”  - @NBCLatino 

In WI, @repmarkpocan : "Donald Trump has lied to people over & over. And now the most Republican parts of the state are the areas that have the highest COVID numbers. Our hospitals are bursting at the seams, over 85% occupancy, and more in many of these hospitals." #AMRstaff 

Breaking News: U.S. authorities have been expelling migrant children from other countries into Mexico, where they may have no family to retrieve them, an internal Border Patrol email said. The transfers may violate the U.S.’s own child welfare policies.

Biden has a whopping 4,000 lawyers standing by or already working in Florida to either avoid or combat an election recount next week, according to a report

POLL: Less than a third of Americans want to see Kamala Harris as President

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SCOOP: Colorado control freak public health bureaucrats told a local school last Friday that they can regulate breathing, because "BREATHING CONSTITUTES MOVEMENT." I obtained redacted public records material (CORA). OMG. #stopthecovidchaos  #recallpolis  #reopencolorado 

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Astronomers have detected the smallest rogue planet in our Milky Way galaxy. The free-floating planet is between the sizes of Mars and Earth.

It wasn't just that they were pushing this drug without sufficent evidence. They were *railing* at the liberal media for daring to question its efficacy and for covering up how miraculous it was! But then they were...wrong.