Alberta / Tuesday

NORTHERN LIGHTS: The aurora borealis filled the sky above Canada's Alberta province with a vivid green hue on Tuesday.

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Alberta / Tuesday

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K-pop rookie group @aespa_official  sits down with ABS-CBN News to talk about its first mini album "Savage." In this new release, Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning unveiled a new chapter to their story, which involves teaming up with an AI named Naevis to defeat Black Mamba.

Shah Rukh Khan All Smiles With legal Team After Son #AryanKhan 's BailRead more:

#AryanKhanCase | Fans of Actor Shah Rukh Khan celebrate outside his residence Mannat

JUST IN: Germany records highest inflation rate in 28 years

The WH and Dems *did* in the end go with a more focused approach and I think that's better than what the alternatives were. The paid leave and prescription drug pricing omissions are just utter madness: wildly popular policies sacrificed on the altar of "centrism"

K-pop group @aespa_official  talks about first mini album ‘Savage’

‘It’s like characterizing the January 6 insurrection as just a bunch of tourists… give me a break’ — Sen. Hirono criticized Republicans for refusing to act on threats to school board members across the U.S.

#BREAKING China submits renewed emissions cutting plan three days before COP26 summit: UN

White House illustrates government cradle-to-grave role with the “Life of Linda” series in their latest Build Back Better release