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Trump praised "pure American glory" at Daytona 500 before taking lap in "The Beast"

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American / Daytona / Beast

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#COVID19 | The President has urged government and society at large to build on the tremendous impetus provided by the need to respond to the coronavirus pandemic to rethink how governments, businesses and communities function and relate to each other.

Only at the end of March did ultra-Orthodox rabbis, who initially said the “Torah protects and saves”, at last stop their followers praying in public

Out of 54 samples that were tested, results of 7 are positive for #Coronavirus  while 47 are negative: Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Shimla#HimachalPradesh 

How often should you disinfect your house even if you are staying at home?

This nurse is asking people to take COVID-19 seriously as she struggles to breathe and fights back tears.

‘Govt sends us naked against #COVID19 ’ - French nurse from caregivers’ undressing flashmob

Remember this? Shape-shifting octopus explores the deep waters of Jarvis Island

As the novel coronavirus spreads, demographers say in fact, births could decrease. And other demographic shifts are likely as well

New York state has paid 20 cents for gloves that normally cost less than a nickel and as much as $7.50 each for masks, about 15 times the usual price. It’s paid $248,841 for a portable X-ray machine that typically sells for $30,000 to $80,000.