Pelosi: "I don't think the president wants to go to war [with Iran]. There's no appetite for going to war in our country."

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🗣 USPS is the only mail carrier in which our privacy is constitutionally guaranteed.

Let me correct the mainstream: Clinesmith is not some low level agent. That is complete and purposeful mischaracterization.

President Trump is asked about Joe Biden trying to take credit for his Middle East peace deal: "He doesn't even know the names of the countries I'm talking about."

NEW: Documents and phone records show Massachusetts Democratic Party leaders coordinated with College Democrats on Alex Morse hit, despite claim of launching an investigation by , , and me @EoinHiggins_  @BogieStrkr 

NPR has learned that a bipartisan group of election officials requested to meet with the new postmaster general this week to discuss concerns about how recent cutbacks will affect mail-in voting in November. Their invitation has yet to be accepted.

I told you it was coming. This is just one sock and we’ve got a whole suit of corruption to be clothed.

Because nobody gives a fair take anymore: remember....all the “experts” and pundits are failing to mention that the IG report shows that Mueller used and counted on a lawyer who fabricated evidence to mislead the FISA court. Remember too. The FISA court was clearly not happy.

Salt Lake City police used a police dog on a Black man while he was being handcuffed at his home. It bit his leg as an officer repeatedly said: "Good boy." His leg may be amputated due to infection, say lawyers.Police say they are investigating after the man went public.

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