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Latest Scoops

Mark Zuckeberg declines appearance before "international grand committee" of at least 5 governments investigating disinformation and election meddling, according to letter obtained by CBS News https://t.co/Q6icUl4zLY
Senators. Mayors. Billionaires. Oprah.

There are a lot of potential Democratic presidential candidates for 2020. Which ones will stand out? https://t.co/SbCSzkml3K
BUYER BEWARE: These are the Black Friday "deals" to avoid at big box retailers like Best Buy, Target and Walmart https://t.co/XzXkvf84fP
"A gentleman and a genius": Stan Lee tributes pour in from stars including Mark Hamill, Chris Evans and Questlove — plus the U.S. Army https://t.co/yLFVsIpbed
Purple Heart recipient who lost two limbs in Iraq receives mortgage-free "smart home" from veterans' foundation https://t.co/KPixxpzDOP
Democratic Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown says he's considering presidential run https://t.co/liPzi8eBgV
Dozens of Wisconsin high school students appear to make Nazi salute in prom photo https://t.co/MuRDCgNiL0
Commentary: Why the Democratic House could sink President Trump https://t.co/nF2GKrXJFz
JUST IN: Stan Lee, the Marvel comics legend behind Spider-Man, Black Panther and X-Men, has died at 95 https://t.co/ZoF7yMeBTe
Douglas Rain, voice of HAL 9000 in "2001: A Space Odyssey," dead at 90 https://t.co/g7KKRdRQa8
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