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Latest Scoops

Defense Sec. James Mattis meets with John McCain amid questions about Niger ambush https://t.co/qWDmHlrucC
While meeting with UN chief on Friday, Pres. Trump said things will happen at UN "like you haven't seen before" https://t.co/ze2F5cQryl
Pres. Trump misinterprets U.K. crime statistics, wrongly blaming terrorism as driving factor behind higher numbers https://t.co/ztrqqB6Yvt
Louisiana State University reinstates alcohol ban at frats month after student's death in alleged hazing incident https://t.co/FSobakIiFU
Federal judge denies former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's request to throw out all rulings in his now-pardoned criminal case: https://t.co/ILdjVeJ0lu
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For the New York Yankees, the thumbs down 👎 is now a viral rallying cry — thanks to one New York Mets fan: https://t.co/DIOZQR9llW
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"We have to make movements ourselves," #MeToo creator says after movement goes viral in wake of Weinstein scandal https://t.co/cVEsYAI3tA
Oh, rats! For the third consecutive year, this city topped “rattiest city” list: https://t.co/Plp6cwsWuN 🐀
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Federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. wrestles with undocumented teenager's access to abortion https://t.co/PfKnHni83Y
"Identity politics seeks to exploit fear," @SpeakerRyan tells @CBSThisMorning about "dangerous" political tactic https://t.co/tOVfVOOxHb
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Q: Does Trump view Russia as ally, partner or adversary?
Sanders: "...That depends on Russia & what type of relationship they want to have"
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Sanders on Trump phone call: "Certainly, if the spirit of which the comments were intended [was] misunderstood, that's very unfortunate."
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Amid WH's criticism of Wilson, reporter notes POTUS spoke about fake news, inauguration size at CIA; "not a fair comparison," Sanders says.
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Dept. of Defense initiated review of deadly Niger ambush, @PressSec says; "we won't rest until we get some answers" https://t.co/NQz0pOGGkE
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NOW: White House press briefing underway amid report FBI now assisting military in Niger ambush investigation https://t.co/548go9Rjeb
SOON: White House press secretary Sarah Sanders to brief reporters amid military investigation in Niger ambush https://t.co/pJTzS3zKdL
Donation to Manhattan DA Cy Vance’s campaign amid sex abuse case raises questions on how office vets contributions https://t.co/DsbsxqHPTX
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NEW: State Department says 24 individuals who work at US embassy in Havana have been impacted by health attacks https://t.co/rZLOshILpx
Melania Trump donated her inaugural gown to the Smithsonian, adding to a collection of dresses worn by first ladies https://t.co/0JL227Jcm0
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READ: @60Minutes & rev@washingtonposteal how the DEA's efforts to crack down on the opioid epidemic were derailed: https://t.co/MZRVdbWlfb
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