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Eye doctors offer free exams to NFL refs after blown call in Saints-Rams game https://t.co/GZF53h9DB9
Annual gun show gathers amid "Trump slump" in weapons sales https://t.co/D9dFqUhNmK
Judge considering fate of undecided race in North Carolina https://t.co/PwdCFU41M4
Illinois federal worker burning through savings to pay for medical needs of son with autism https://t.co/C3EEcFbJG7
Supreme Court allows Trump's transgender troop ban as litigation continues https://t.co/68alKR7N2B
Starbucks pairs up with Uber to deliver to coffee drinkers https://t.co/CVMuGppyfm
"The red MAGA hat is the new white hood": Alyssa Milano appeared to draw a parallel between Trump supporters who wear red hats marked with the president's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" and KKK members who don white hoods https://t.co/NePDLxE1Jn
How cold is too cold? When you can play ice hockey on your driveway 🏒❄️ https://t.co/J4qCtWriqA
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Family of Majd Kamalmaz, American detained in Syria, appeal to Trump for help https://t.co/qcgXL4INwW
"Roma," "The Favourite" earn 10 #Oscars nominations each. Check here for the full list of nominees https://t.co/DeOVWdaTuF
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