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The healthiest part of an avocado may get thrown away https://t.co/bKYKrsGbT0
Firefighters enjoy sausages made from piglets they rescued from fire https://t.co/qUl89913z8
Collin Kaepernick supporters rallied outside the NFL's offices, threatening to boycott the league until he's signed. https://t.co/pFdD7vJjIG
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Pres. Trump has been advised not to pardon ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio yet; expected to wait for his sentencing in Oct.
Some diplomats were diagnosed with serious health issues after Cuba incidents. State Dept. calls it "unprecedented" https://t.co/PE2tOIE0zo
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JUST IN: Winning numbers in $758 million Powerball jackpot are... https://t.co/v6eHiGfGR2
Five-year-old California boy's cause of death revealed as father sentenced in his slaying https://t.co/0d8rJ54kXP
The part of the avocado that's normally thrown in the trash may actually be the most valuable, research suggests https://t.co/WRXuCd1Tfa
Inventive father devises unusual way to ensure his son replies to his texts: https://t.co/8sIeKgtvAn
Ahead of Powerball drawing, Fond du Lac, WI is a city on a winning streak -- and the secret is out: https://t.co/7rlyi1n23P
Havana incidents seriously affecting health of US and Canadian diplomats are "unprecedented," State Dept. says https://t.co/wuKFQ32WPS
"So inappropriate, so inadequate, so painful": Ex-member of Trump advisory council on his Charlottesville response https://t.co/GCZp5mxlze
What's motivating Trump's "us" against "them" strategy?
House Armed Services Committee to hold hearing next month to review underlying problems related to 7th Fleet mishaps https://t.co/bUERHsBgRt
Sen. Mitch McConnell says he and Pres. Trump are in regular contact and working together on shared agenda https://t.co/8mNgZ9bUtK
WATCH: Parents of an American who was fatally beaten outside a bar in Greece speak out for the first time. Thursday, @CBSThisMorning
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Mom creates hilarious memes about infertility inspired by her own journey https://t.co/patc6flkqF
Some bet they'll improve their odds of winning tonight's $700 million Powerball drawing from this Wisconsin store. @adrianasdiaz reporting
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This dad created an app that freezes your kids' phones until they answer your texts https://t.co/dCug9rIUTC
Thea Lee, former deputy chief of staff of the AFL-CIO, explains why she resigned from Pres. Trump's manufacturing council
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