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Latest Scoops

The California couple accused of holding their 13 children captive for years makes their second court appearance https://t.co/czSKsDWfwS
Florida GOP congressman says he would support an assault weapons ban https://t.co/aVYVZMoE11
FBI caller said the suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz "is going to explode" https://t.co/MSjf2PE1O2
Should state pension plans invest in gunmakers? https://t.co/M6uRG9BYLg
Actor Stephen Fry says he has prostate cancer https://t.co/TZDt7zTf5o
"Hoodlums" 911 caller convicted in the murder of an unarmed black man https://t.co/wbqPBMXCzm
Father accused of chaining and beating mentally disabled twin daughters https://t.co/dV0DJa6ZtH
Twice-diverted United Airlines plane skids off runway in Green Bay https://t.co/6hCisXy5tk
Chicago father charged with murder in "near decapitation" of his toddler son https://t.co/FUIkNvDQyk
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