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Latest Scoops

Three dead are dead and two injured in the Edgewood, Maryland workplace shooting; gunman is on the run https://t.co/ETgVSuBvXA
Iran leader blasts Pres. Trump and urges Europe to back nuke deal https://t.co/MBoHbCMDLa
“Horrific scene”: Texas house fire kills 5 kids and adult, sheriff says https://t.co/1bfamjiW44
How will wildfires impact the California wine industry?
Trump and the new politics of honoring war dead https://t.co/0qhzWwk0MV
.@SenFeinstein to AG Sessions: What was your designated role in the decision to fire director Comey? https://t.co/gYtwqghCmX
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Celtics star Gordon Hayward suffers gruesome injury in opener https://t.co/5y95YpF9xU
NEW: @Harford_Sheriff reports of multiple injuries from a shooting at Emmorton Business Park. More to come.
Trump backs off support of deal continuing Obamacare subsidies https://t.co/Lb8jFhSpt9
Inside the FBI operation to rescue kids from sex trafficking https://t.co/jd0DkmvDEZ
Mandalay Bay security guard reveals details about Las Vegas shooting https://t.co/pITHqVJrbh
Trump told slain soldier's widow that he "knew what he was getting into," Congresswoman says https://t.co/y98n1WWnaX
Judge rescinds order granting rapist joint legal custody of victim's child https://t.co/X1KeRgX6mV
President Trump's net worth and ranking fall in Forbes richest list https://t.co/1S9p3ca8mU
Chicago fires 2 security officers in United Airlines passenger dragging case https://t.co/WecHfmtvjs
Ex-principal involved in "forced splits" controversy opens up to @CBSDenver https://t.co/XbfMdz8PKk
Bipartisan deal reached on Obamacare payments https://t.co/MAwGzjhLMW
Prince William and Duchess Kate say baby No. 3 is due in April https://t.co/XmzeNv5I3v
Texas county worker arrested over $1.2M stolen fajitas scheme https://t.co/Cqf70qKXuA
Muslim teen slain walking to Virginia mosque was also raped, indictment says https://t.co/Yw7bjrQILE
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