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America's most liveable city isn't on this continent https://t.co/yJ346uT5jz
Charleston church members reflect on Charlottesville violence, forgiveness https://t.co/aNBz3Pg3Z5
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Trump remarks: "That was not leadership" https://t.co/TikKiQQ6hF
Young leaders of massive 2014 Hong Kong protests get prison https://t.co/ldMWNBcxGC
Teen allegedly groped on United flight: "He took my peace of mind" https://t.co/m5BIAWtaw1
Steve Bannon: “There’s no military solution” to North Korea threat https://t.co/57KCy9c0W4
His future in jeopardy, Bannon attacks administration rivals https://t.co/LH34DKWcro
Two were arrested after trying to "forcibly" stop FBI vehicle in Dallas https://t.co/CPlT7FqXWH
Workers set to complete the tallest building in San Francisco https://t.co/lZ3wQRsbX5
A wife and brother-in-law have been charged in the 1996 killing of a NYC coffee bar owner https://t.co/G7IW8gVQgd
2 charged after 6-month-old killed in Mississippi drive-by shooting https://t.co/S9Rs8tyoKB
Why Florida insurers could double homeowners' rates
KKK application denied to hold cross burning atop Stone Mountain in Georgia https://t.co/0k9G2e9h4p
"I went into the Army believing that we had to defeat the Nazis"

WWII vets weigh in https://t.co/EEvhEIIZcg
Charlottesville holds memorial service for attack victim Heather Heyer https://t.co/AOHpY2cZbM
The Confederate monument debate continues in the South https://t.co/YgSSjMFcx5
Using music to help unlock Alzheimer's patients' memories https://t.co/DViVnvovJ3
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“White supremacy has done horrific, destructive things.” Public interest Lawyer Bryan Stevenson talks w/Anthony Mason. Our full interview
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"We're looking for a man who knows how to turn things around, and he's got a track record of turning things around." https://t.co/EZPXfvlhkv
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President Trump disbands business advisory councils while under fire for Charlottesville comments https://t.co/a1e6KqBout
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