President Donald Trump / Capitol

President Donald Trump has released a video condemning the violent insurrection he fomented at the Capitol last week.

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President Donald Trump / Capitol

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JUST IN: Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed in Sikkim, reports that soldiers from both sides were injured.

Newsom may reopen California tomorrow. Pretty predictable. No science being followed. Should have never forced people inside in the first place.

This election was not stolen … there were no type of irregularities that would have changed the result in one state,” says Chris Christie, adding that Republicans making the claim are trying to score "political points” with people Trump “lied to.”

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Troops of India and China involved in a physical brawl along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) last week near Naku La area in Sikkim. Soldiers from both sides are injured. More details awaited: Sources

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President Biden will impose a ban on most non-U.S. citizens entering the country who have recently been in South Africa starting Saturday in a bid to contain the spread of a new variant of COVID-19

Protests against COVID-19 lockdown measures in the Netherlands turned into riots in several cities on Sunday. Nearly 200 people were arrested. Read more:

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