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Too many issues to handle? Sometimes the best thing to listen to is your gut. #Tommy 

That's…An interesting comparison. #Tommy 

Even when a situation escalates, always do the right thing. #Tommy 

The Chief is here to lay down the law. #Tommy 

Is the mayor’s facade cracking? #Tommy 

One step closer to getting on the same page. #Tommy 

Uncharted. Unfamiliar. Unexpected. That's it for tonight; catch an all-new episode of #Tommy  next week.


Go behind the scenes of an international phenomenon this #SundayMorning  when profiles Korean boy band .

Make your Wednesday cruise by with #BTSCarpool  Karaoke on @latelateshow  with @BTS_twt  and @JKCorden , or as he is now known, Papa Mochi. Guess we should update all our signs. Watch the complete commute here:

Did you see @BTS_twt  LIVE on the #GRAMMYs  red carpet? Get ready for more: #TearItUpBTS 

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"We're literally standing here heartbroken in the house that Kobe Bryant built." At the Staples Center, @aliciakeys  opens the #GRAMMYs  with a touching tribute.

Everyone at the #GRAMMYs  is a winner tonight according to @Drake . ?

When you and your friends are rocking out while streaming the #GRAMMYs  on . #BTS 

Old Town Road takes @LilNasX  to the GRAMMY stage, @BTS_twt , and beyond! Pres. by @uopx