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Latest Scoops

Voting matters today because Toronto's future is still TBD: https://t.co/PaRFpyyeZU
Ontario to keep funding supervised drug consumption sites, health minister says https://t.co/9TXWVNyqJa
Here are Ontario's most hotly-contested municipal elections: https://t.co/1CuL8yuMIG
Bylaw officers, not police, will eventually shut down pot shops, police chief says: https://t.co/DuNFGzSMVL
Police make arrest in 25-year-old cold case investigation into stabbing death of Barbara Brodkin https://t.co/S5DKU4xx1k
Bylaw officers, not police, will eventually shut down pot shops, police chief says https://t.co/VtqkPuLvWI
Cases of rare, polio-like paralysis targeting kids appear in Canada: https://t.co/QSaRofuV5i
Moss Park unsafe because of concentration of social services in area, residents say: https://t.co/yMEAm3EYML
Alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur expected to appear in Toronto court: https://t.co/uZzHdMTeFU
Afghan civic engagement group hopes to get more youth to the polls: https://t.co/g33Srs7Qia
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