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Latest Scoops

Thousands of patient records held for ransom in Ontario home care data breach, attackers claim. https://t.co/QAPBrC8PHz
Waiting two hours in line for a whiff of a flower that smells like "poo." #TheMoment
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Watch #CBCTheNational LIVE for July 16 — Trump and Putin, Heat Alerts, Gun Violence https://t.co/oWt6HKZTLi
If you do the math, Alphonso Davies will be 25 years old and in his prime when Canada co-hosts the 2026 World Cup. 🤞🏼
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This is shameful': Trump's news conference with Putin stuns fellow Republicans. https://t.co/TLzdKT5sGy
Ontario sex-ed will still include consent, gender identity, education minister says. https://t.co/nwtB7ZjuXL
The U.S. says it wants to talk peace with the Taliban and is willing to discuss withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan. But such a seismic shift will be a hard sell at home and abroad. | https://t.co/2RMQE4BwqX #TheNationalToday @JonGatehouse
Number of government employees fired for misconduct, incompetence sees sharp increase. https://t.co/VV7JwZWKET
Abdoul Abdi no longer facing deportation hearing, for now. https://t.co/iuVCCfxgpj
U.S. launches tariff challenge at WTO against Canada, Mexico, Turkey, China and EU. https://t.co/HUIcs3ELKT
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