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Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders gave an update on the Toronto van attack Monday evening. Here's some of what they had to say:
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Watch #CBCTheNational LIVE for Apr. 23 with special coverage on the Toronto Van Attack https://t.co/omsiUQyswh
Bystander video provided to CBC News appears to show the apprehension of a suspect in connection with a van collision that left nine people dead and 16 injured in Toronto on Monday.
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Police have provided an update after a van struck several pedestrians in north-end Toronto on Monday. Nine people are dead and 16 others are injured. The driver of the van is in custody and police have mobilized all available resources. #TorontoAttack
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A paramedic describes the scene of a collision after a van struck several people in north-end Toronto, while speaking to reporters outside Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre on Monday.
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer reacted to the unfolding situation in Toronto, after a van struck several people in the city's north end on Monday afternoon.
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@JacquelineCBC . is at the scene of the collision in Toronto, where police have taken the driver of a van into custody after several pedestrians were struck on Monday afternoon.
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The van, which may have mounted the curb and hit the pedestrians on the sidewalk, was stopped by Toronto police near the scene. https://t.co/zFyyfGOKAN
"When I grabbed the barrel of the weapon, it was hot, but I didn't care. It was life or death." https://t.co/67tk5DwsDR
The alleged incident is said to have occurred just hours before a closed-door workshop at the Liberal convention on how to create safe, harassment-free workplaces. https://t.co/ayDkM4cPLA
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