The Sunday Edition is a lively three-hour program of conversation, documentaries and music on CBC Radio One, hosted by Michael Enright.

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“People would say, ‘Well, I never really liked poetry before and then I read your stuff and it’s okay, isn’t it?’” @brian_bilston  describes how he became the Poet Laureate of Twitter. #ukpoetry 

"Will this election change housing crisis? "I don't think it's going to change much, especially if gov't continues to think they can finance housing. I think we've got to get out of that trap." @jvannostrand9 , with @leilanifarha  @cathyacrowe 

“I appreciate the Conservatives, as they are the only party [holding an] election campaign in Hong Kong,” says Christopher Yeung, a Cdn and activist in Hong Kong. “But I shall keep an eye on the NDP — see if they can come up with anything else.” #elxn43 

The past century has been a painful and bitter one for the Kurds. They’ve been denied a homeland, massacred, and abandoned by Western allies again and again. Kurdish scholar @KamranMatin  talks about the world's largest ethnic group without its own state:

“Poetry is a broad church and it can accept all sorts of forms.” Meet the Poet Laureate of Twitter, @brian_bilston . #lovepoetry 

He had a new collar around his neck with a note adhered to it. Maria pulled the tape off and unfolded the note. It read: "Keep my cat out of your house!" A personal essay: “That's Not My Cat

“I think our work (on affordable housing) is only going to really begin after the election tomorrow because we're going to have to hold everyone accountable to their promises.” @cathyacrowe , with @leilanifarha  @jvannostrand9 

Didn’t turn on your radio in time this morning and missed some or all of the program? Never to late to listen. Do it here:

“Has it really come to this? Has our politics moved from booing and the occasional rotten egg to a need for body armour?” Michael’s essay #elxn43 


"Unconscionable failures of journalism": @publiceyeonline  urges Canadian journalists to begin covering climate change as an emerg #CdnMediancy 

“About 1/3 of Americans believe they know as much about vaccine as experts and scientists. And it turns out that people who claim equal knowledge (to experts and scientists) tend to do the worst on actual tests of actual knowledge.”

The federal government and the four largest provinces together spend $29 billion a year on business subsidies. That's the cost of funding national daycare – twice over. Is it time to end corporate welfare?

“The department of Indian Affairs is the oldest department in the gov’t," says @cblackst . "It has never had an independent 360-degree evaluation to find out why it creates such injustice.” @CowboySmithx  @CherylSachtWard  #FirstNations 

“If you smell it, you’re ingesting it,” says retired chemical engineer Monty McDonald, who is concerned about the pollutants spewed by leaf blowers, not to mention the racket they make.

On May 11, 1970, 35 women with chains hidden in their purses entered the House of Commons. They shackled themselves to their chairs and shut down Parliament to protest Canada's restrictive abortion law.

“In almost every Western democracy in the world, if a single party takes complete control of a legislature against the will of a majority of voters, it’s called a coup. In Canada, we call it an election.” @meslin  makes the case for #electoralreform .