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NASA's decades-old Voyager 2 has now joined its even older predecessor in interstellar space. Don't worry though, in about 40,000 years they will get close to another set of stars https://t.co/0s9B1zEDuU
Strickland is the first Canadian woman to take the top prize in physics and only the third woman in the world to do so https://t.co/0tZuB0VTgN
In a Facebook post, Stafford revealed that the child-killer was transferred from a maximum security facility to a medium security facility in March. https://t.co/odkBZJtXlM
Alberta's finance minister says Quebec's resistance to a pipeline carrying western Canadian oil across its territory shows a lack of understanding about the energy industry. https://t.co/kp733fLftg
A Russian court convicted a former policeman of murdering 56 women.
Mikhail Popkov is believed to have killed to at least 78 people. https://t.co/QWtpZXlyXb
The manufacturers of Pace say it gives a feeling of "pleasant inebriation."
Health Canada says it is illegal. https://t.co/oy2gPV2HTM @thewrightpage
OPP officers rushed to a home in Simcoe, Ont., after a nine-year-old girl dialed 911.
Investigators soon determined that the girl had called police after a parent asked her to tidy up her room. https://t.co/tCvjvbZSaD @DanTaekema
"Adjusting to space is a new thing for me… But none of the training you get prepares you for weightlessness. So I do the typical rookie mistakes trying not to crash anywhere." https://t.co/ab1uaTFn7B @Astro_DavidS
The two largest ride-hailing companies — Uber and Lyft — appear set to go public.
Some Wall Street analysts say Uber's value may top $100 billion. https://t.co/E2ZAgpfIZu
Black people are "grossly overrepresented" in violent police interactions, says an Ontario human rights report. https://t.co/hfAt0ub17q @nickjboisvert
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