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Officials say the flow of asylum seekers has decreased, so they likely won't need to stay at the Nav Centre in Cornwall, Ont. https://t.co/Ykob1K4RKL @matthewkupfer
This Canadian boy's no-fly list headaches may soon be over. https://t.co/3gW0JkFTi2
Four of the five defendants arrested at New Mexico compound may be released on house arrest despite concerns the group was training children for an attack. https://t.co/qNrZ72dyuZ
.@don_pittis is waiting to see if declines in real estate sales translate into falling prices. https://t.co/9cC5TS6Ytr
About 10 vehicles were involved in the collapse of a raised highway in the Italian port city of Genoa. https://t.co/vs3coC5DTt
Two people were injured when someone drove a car into security barriers outside the British parliament. https://t.co/ujTUFCJUPd
6/7 The federal government is sending in support to British Columbia to help deal with wildfireshttps://t.co/WmxiMc8Mmz.
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4/7 Ontario will allow recreational marijuana to be sold in private retail stores while the province handles online saleshttps://t.co/WmxiMc8Mmz.
1/7 Good morning! Here's the news you need to start your day today. https://t.co/WmxiMc8Mmz
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