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#Analysis : Canada has again joined Mexico and the U.S. to sign on to the final — and this time they really mean final, apparently — text to improve the North American free trade agreement. What do these changes mean for Canada? @janycemcgregor 

Aung San Suu Kyi has vigorously defended Myanmar’s conduct at a hearing into genocide allegations, describing the departure of Rohingya Muslims as a tragic "exodus" rather than ethnic cleansing.

Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has been named Time magazine's Person of the Year for 2019.

Boris Johnson, a politician known as much for making headline-grabbing gaffes as winning elections, has been on his best behaviour during the Brexit election. If the polls are any indication, it's working. @CBCChrisBrown 

Rising temperatures and diminished snow and ice cover in the Arctic are threatening ecosystems, fisheries and local cultures, according to a new report.

Jobs aren't particularly easy to come by in Alberta these days, but it's particularly hard for young men who are looking for work. @CBCFletch 

Newly released records on the Afghan war paint a searing portrait of the mistakes made by both the Bush and Obama administrations and show how the war lacked a clear strategy. @Murray_Brewster 

The mayor of Jersey City, N.J., says a kosher supermarket at the heart of a shootout that left six people dead, including the two gunmen, may have been "targeted."

"Increased volcanic activity" on White Island is holding New Zealand police back from recovering the bodies of those presumed dead in Monday's eruption.

Karel Pekarek's terminal cancer went undiagnosed after two visits to two emergency departments in B.C.'s Lower Mainland in June. @rhiannaschmunk 


Sunday's pro-democracy march in Hong Kong shows that the pro-democracy campaign has not lost support.

Watch this giant polar bear pet a dog on its head in Churchill, Manitoba

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Texas man shoots armadillo, bullet ricochets back into his face

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The garbage found inside a dead whale that washed ashore in Indonesia included 115 plastic cups, four plastic bottles, 25 plastic bags and two pairs of flip-flops.

In celebration of Halloween, Justin Trudeau arrived for House duties dressed as Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego.

A pizzeria in Winnipeg is paying it forward. Vikas and Shivani Sanger noticed hungry people coming into their shop without enough money for food. So they came up with a solution. Read more:

At least six Canadian Muslim men have been denied entry at the U.S. border over the last two weeks, including a Toronto imam who was set to officiate at the wedding of his best friend's daughter in Queens. @JPTasker