Wet / Newfoundland Thursday

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Wet / Newfoundland Thursday

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BREAKING: We're asking the Supreme Court to defend the First Amendment right to protest. In a petition filed on behalf of @deray , we're urging the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that, if left standing, would gut civil rights era speech protections.

Rudy Giuliani went to Ukraine to discredit impeachment with a parallel narrative, but corruption fighters know his "witnesses" have little or no credibility.

Where do I see myself in ten years? - Living in Bali, with my dogs. (credit unknown)

Son Heung-min has just dribbled 90 odd yards past 7 Burnley defenders like they were cones and the slotted home... Sensational goal! #TOTBUR  #Son 

Pilots land in crazy crosswinds at Madeira’s Funchal airport know as Europe's ‘scariest’ airport

Unable to hunt at sea due to abnormally warm weather, polar bears have started moving toward populated areas to find food. Read more on this story here:

Jolly: "I can't tell you how many Republican members of Congress have told me, 'I'm just trying to keep my head down and not get noticed.'"

Nearly 2 dozen kindergartners attended the adoption hearing of their classmate, giving testimonials about how much they loved the soon-to-be-adopted boy

President Trump: "The lightbulb... It gives you an orange look. I don't want an orange look. Has anyone noticed that?"

Pence Aide Provided House Intel With New Impeachment Info. Then VP’s Office Classified It