Truth Vegans / Veganism

WATCH NOW: The Truth About Vegans as reveals #Dispatchesa  darker side to Veganism and the impact some activist campaigns have on the lives of others.

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Truth Vegans / Veganism

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This stray dog helps kids safely cross the street 💞

Here's the alphabet according to BTS! 🙌🏽

From top to bottom, Bernie Sanders' campaign is staffed with hard-left extremists who are eager to burn down the system. The threat to our constitution is very real. Tune in Wed night 9PM ET on @CRTV  as we blow the lid off just how radical Bernie really is.

CBS taking a break from the debate so it can run a Mike Bloomberg ad

I'm curious why moderators are determined to ask the same questions in debate after debate rather than have the candidates respond to new developments. How would these candidates respond to the threat of the coronavirus? I'm actually interested to hear the answer.

Buttigieg thinks that you can’t carry a firearm unless you are a professional in law enforcement. The tactic is to make 2A seem inaccessible to average, everyday people, the very people for whom this right is affirmed in the Constitution. #DemDebate 

put your hands to the constellations the way you look should be a sin, you my sensation

Pete's outreach to black voters getting a little desperate

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Newsflash to Buttigieg: You can’t just walk into a store and buy a full auto, which is “military style.” Be honest, it’s about banning all semi-auto firearms. #DemDebate 

Annnnd Tom Steyer says that corporations (?) won’t let guns get banned. ¯\_( ツ)_/¯ #DemDebate