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A dad opens up about the fear of being unable to provide for his family - even though he's working.

Dispatches has found that tens of thousands of parents in the UK are now relying on "baby banks" for their children's essentials.
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#Breaking Kashmiri separatist leader and JKLF chief Yasin Malik was arrested from his residence in a late night raid on Friday. Malik’s detention comes ahead of the crucial hearing on Article 35-A in Supreme Court that is likely to take place on Monday.
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Accused sex criminals who Trump has defended:

1. Roy Moore

2. Brett Kavanaugh

3. Bob Kraft

4. Roger Ailes

5. Himself
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It’s so crazy that i can get copyrighted for singing a song terribly in my kitchen in my pajamas with headphones on hahhaha i’m so confused 😅
🚨 @BTS_twt has done it again 🚨

Before kicking off their new album, our boys are giving us even MORE ways to connect with them via the #ARMYPEDIA – a database that allows #ARMYs to share special memories between BTS and their fans! 🙌
If you are depressed or feeling suicidal please please please please please reach out to ANYONE. I never get to see Brody Stevens again I can’t stand this. #RIPBrodyStevens #818ForLife
.@weareoneexo's Suho is emerging as a style star in his own right.
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