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“It's shameful that in our society now... one in a hundred families are turning to baby banks… it’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth raised the #Dispatches baby bank doc in Parliament yesterday. Watch here @All4: https://t.co/TstjbeQo7K
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“We believe that the welfare state should be a safety net... Yes we’re helping people immediately, but are we just allowing these wider issues around inequality to keep going."
- Sophia Parker, @LittleVillageHQ
#Dispatches #babybanks @Channel4
“They say that poverty is on the decrease and austerity’s on the way out, come on. They’re so far from reality, they really really are so far from reality.”
- Audrey Dempsey, Glasgow’s Baby & Family Support Service
“I have to prioritise food on the table and clothes... To take stuff charities is hard.”
- Keith, self-employed father, who says baby banks have saved his life
Born On The Breadline
#Dispatches #babybanks @Channel4
One in five of the people coming to @LittleVillageHQ are from working families.

Born On The Breadline looks at the rising number of families using baby banks.
#Dispatches #babybanks @Channel4
“A baby banks is, a bit like a food bank but its for….babies and children. Families are referred to us by a network of health visitors, midwives, children’s centres, other local charities.”
- Sophia Parker, @LittleVillageHQ
#Dispatches #babybanks @Channel4
“It’s a bit disheartening when you’re left short and struggling each day and I’m so worried that nothing's ready for him.”
- Keri, mother who has turned to baby banks to provide essentials for her children Born On The Breadline
#Dispatches #babybanks @Channel4
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A dad opens up about the fear of being unable to provide for his family - even though he's working.

Dispatches has found that tens of thousands of parents in the UK are now relying on "baby banks" for their children's essentials.
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A note from the director of #Dispatches Born on the Breadline @jessstevie

Watch tonight: @Channel4, 8pm

Baby banks are similar to food banks but they provide essential items for babies and children for free.

There are at least 105 across the UK and nearly all were set up since austerity began in 2010.

Watch the full #Dispatches investigation tonight, 8pm @Channel4 #babybanks
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