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Veganism has never been more popular. One survey found that one in ten of us have tried it at some point.

Catch up NOW on @All4 #Dispatches - The Truth About Vegans https://t.co/2adw8aeCDN
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As #Veganuary begins, Dispatches investigates the rising popularity of veganism.

CATCH UP: #Dispatches - The Truth About Vegans.

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Veganism has never been more popular. One survey found that one in ten of us have tried it at some point. Catch up NOW on Channel4 + 1 as #Dispatches investigates: The Truth About Vegans
"There are more people like me out there than the militant vegans. I 100% guarantee."
-Aine Carlin, Food Writer
@Channel4 #Dispatches
"I don’t think you could be a dairy farmer unless you actually liked cows, you couldn’t work the livestock on a daily basis because sometimes the returns are pretty poor. Sometimes it’s wet, it’s often long hours."
-Michael Oakes, National Farmers’ Union
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"People started to spray anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls of our building and started chanting, using Holocaust imagery, as though we had been performing a Holocaust of the chicken."
-Shimon Cohen, Kedassia Abattoir
@Channel4 #Dispatches
Dispatches has discovered that in the last three years, Counter Terrorism Police have begun to focus on the threat from extreme
Vegan activists and are advising some sectors of the livestock industry.
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"Just look at them. How can anyone justify killing sentient animals for a five-minute meal?"
- Cath Kendall, vegan activist
@Channel4 #Dispatches
WATCH NOW: The Truth About Vegans @Channel4 as #Dispatches reveals a darker side to Veganism and the impact some activist campaigns have on the lives of others.
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