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New: Amid violence, unrest, can Trump win with promise to restore safety and order?

Crime spike, mayhem in major cities represents utter failure of progressive Democratic policies on public safety. Once threatened, safety is the most fundamental voter concern. Seems like a Republican running for president could make something of that.

Chicago today. Mayor said she woke up 'in shock' about the news.

From @KSTP  'Officers' body camera video in George Floyd case released to public.'

Very unusual event in White House briefing room. Trump, just two minutes into briefing, is called away from podium, apparently by a Secret Service agent.

In @DefenseOne , two retired Army officers, citing standard Resistance talking points, call on Joint Chiefs chair to pledge 82nd Airborne to remove Trump from office January 20, 2021. Because he's building a 'private army' and he's sure to lose. Isn't he?


From @USATODAY : 'Fact check: Did the Obama administration deplete the federal stockpile of N95 masks?' Verdict: 'True.'

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The National Museum of African American History & Culture wants to make you aware of certain signs of whiteness: Individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, respect for authority, delayed gratification, more. (via @RpwWilliams )

Attention Nike: The flag Colin Kaepernick told you was unacceptable on your shoes was displayed rather prominently at Barack Obama's inauguration.

Horowitz fallout. AG Bill Barr to NBC: 'I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and hyped by a completely irresponsible press.'

Are journalists concerned about release of John Solomon's phone records? Some have tried to make him an outcast journalist. Does that make it OK for powerful chairman to publish his phone records? Isn't that worrisome?