Me sitting down to eat on Thanksgiving, knowing I didn’t cook a damn thing…

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Minnesota man with Omicron variant says half of his anime convention crew is sick

UK’s progress on Covid now squandered, warns top scientist

'We haven't seen any remorse': Michigan sheriff describes 'sullen' Crumbley's jailhouse stay

In a message on Twitter, the Georgia Republican wrote that the U.S. has never "shut down" due to cancer-related deaths.

'My family had left the country to go on holiday. During my show, restrictions were announced that meant I could not join them. I spent two weeks last Christmas on my own, separated from my three beautiful children and my wonderful wife.' @DavidLammy 

$175 billion was stolen by Chinese and Russian scammers. "These stimulus programs were instituted with zero security and the security that was in place was actually taken away," Cyber Security Expert Brett Johnson explains.

Searing ash towered in the sky over the Indonesian island of Java on Saturday after the Semeru volcano erupted, killing at least one person and injuring dozens.

For 56 years, Eric Clapton never brought politics into his music. But when covid struck, the guitarist took a forceful — and controversial — stand.

Putin and Biden will have a videoconference on Tuesday evening

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At the American Library Association, annual reports are collected to monitor efforts by parents and political groups to ban books from libraries and schools across the country.