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Just discovered: A new human species with small brains who buried their dead

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Take a moment to watch up to 800 beluga whales migrating to the Arctic in mesmerizing footage from 2018

“Black trans people often face a specific set of structural, institutional, and personal barriers to accessing basic needs like housing, employment, and safety due to the intersections of their identities.“ Donation links here:

Thanks to everyone out there who's participating in protests today, keeping the pressure on cities and counties to stop killing Black people. Sorry I can't be out there too. Be safe.

"To be black & trans is to live on the edge of life – knowing at any moment it can be snatched from you. We have no option but to try and protect ourselves and each other, by whatever means necessary, because the world continues to fail us on every front"

The protest now stretches more than a mile up 16th Street from the White House

There’s no proof that hydroxychloroquine fights COVID-19, but an Amazon tree is being tapped for its supposed remedy

Amazing how much the place has grown. Any more additions we can look forward to? Like another High Bay, some more big tents, etc?

76 years ago, American soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy to defend freedom and fight tyranny. Their brave victory was a turning point for the Allied forces in WWII. May we always face evil with the same courage they did. #DDay 

It was the largest seaborne invasion in history, marking the beginning of the campaign to liberate north-west Europe from German occupation. But how much do you know about D-Day?