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More Than 250 People Who Went To A Summer Camp In Georgia Got The Coronavirus via @CraigSilverman 

This Summer’s Heat Waves May Harm Pregnant Women. The Coronavirus Will Make It Worse. via @Zhirji28 

There's Growing Panic That Trump Will Rush A Vaccine To Save His Presidency. That's Unlikely. via and @dvergano  @kadiagoba 

This Coronavirus Testing Method Could Help Fix The US Backlog. So Why Did We Just Start Using It Now? via @stephaniemlee 

Coronavirus Survivors' Blood Can Help Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients, Scientists Confirm via @dvergano 

One California Lululemon Store Shows How Difficult It Can Be For Retail Workers In The Pandemic via @OliviaNiland 

The Fires Burning In California Right Now Are Already Among The Worst In History And The Season Is Just Starting via @RMac18  @SincerelyAde  @bri_sacks 

Of the 68 major oil refineries and petrochemical plants in Hurricane Laura’s path, EPA data show 32 facilities are currently tagged with significant violations of one or more of the nation’s environmental laws. via @emmanuelfelton 

Atlantic City Is Just The Latest Place To Shut Down Its Needle Exchange Amid A Deadly Rise In US Overdose Deaths via @dvergano 


The CDC Lost Control Of The Coronavirus Pandemic. Then The Agency Disappeared. via @dvergano  @Zhirji28 

Dr. Anthony Fauci Said Reopening The Country Early Could Lead To Avoidable "Suffering And Death" via @dvergano  @kadiagoba 

Sweden And Denmark Took Very Different Approaches To Fighting The Coronavirus. The Data Shows Many More People Are Dying In Sweden. via @AlbertoNardelli 

Coronavirus Lockdowns Caused A Record Drop In Emissions, But The Climate Is Still Screwed via @Zhirji28  @paldhous 

Tulsa's Top Health Official Said Trump's Rally Likely Contributed To The Surge In COVID-19 Cases There via @davidmackau 

The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Spread To Millions In The US. We Don’t Have Nearly Enough Hospital Beds If It Does. via @dvergano 

Reopening During Our Pandemic Summer Will Mean More Beach Trips And More Deaths, Experts Say via @dvergano