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Latest Scoops

"I questioned whether they thought I was destined for hell or if I had, in some way, opened up their minds to other ways of living," @AlexiaArthurs writes https://t.co/76B23Z5F8S
A federal judge ordered a temporary halt to the deportation of reunited immigrant parents and children as he considers whether to adopt longer-term restrictions on family removals https://t.co/vktorM445s
We're getting a new, eight-episode season of "Queer Eye" set in a new city, can you believe?! 🌈🔥https://t.co/EL6xqdscSp
Amazon's site kept crashing during its massive Prime Day sale and bargain hunters were having a social media meltdown 😱https://t.co/qpzENEXjNI
Russia’s record on LGBT rights is poor, but in the 1970s the USSR witnessed a pioneering moment in transgender history https://t.co/HNqspdJKbO
Over 70 new emojis are coming to Apple devices, including:
• bald heads
• lobsters
• superheroes
• moon cakes https://t.co/oVAZPRwe5R
Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't deny having compromising material on Trump and Trump slammed the FBI at their bizarre joint press conference https://t.co/V3pLN7SkKE
Trump often says environmental laws hurt the economy. But California, with strict greenhouse gas rules, is proving him wrong 🌎https://t.co/OjAHkc4crw
Season 2 of “The Handmaid’s Tale” could have pivoted to a narrative of resistance. Instead, it doubled down on misery https://t.co/1Dawaj8LQL
“I don’t think anyone realizes what kind of reach he has."

Meet the man — and propaganda machine — behind Trump’s latest pardon https://t.co/IJd8AspnOR
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