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#AM2DM sent out one of their producers into the nor'easter and it went about as well as you'd expect
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What exactly is Nowruz? @AM2DM breaks down the holiday
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A Mercer-funded, pro-Trump super PAC used Cambridge Analytica for “data acquisition” and other services during the 2016 election.

That PAC then generated millions of views with dark posted Facebook ads attacking Hillary Clinton. Here are some of those ads https://t.co/kvBSI1YhFK
Some men just want to watch the world burn... #AM2DM
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Here's a look at some of the most intense and breathtaking snow storms in New York City history https://t.co/tdE654NRe2
Tips for limiting the data you give Facebook:

•Log out of Facebook before browsing the web
•Review permissions you’ve granted Facebook and third-party apps
•Delete the mobile app from your phone or at least turn off notifications

More 👇
In a world full of negativity, Ne-Yo says he wants "to be one of the forces pushing back in the name of positivity" #AM2DM
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"On My Block" is a new Netflix teen show with a main cast entirely made up of people of color — and that cast rocks https://t.co/Tw2xJO6wng
A blog Austin bombing suspect Mark Anthony Conditt appeared to write for a community college class had posts titled “Why gay marriage should be illegal” and “Why we might want to consider doing away with Sex Offender Registration” https://t.co/0K2Yvkohxu
Today at the Supreme Court 🏛️
•Justices rejected a higher standard set by a court for inmates seeking funds to challenge their conviction
•And rejected a lower standard sought by the government for convicting people of obstructing IRS investigations
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