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People in DC are marching for Puerto Rico and calling for legislative changes to relief efforts. https://t.co/yPzFpR2aVD #PuertoRicoUnityMarch
How I learned to stop worrying and wear cultural dress https://t.co/MhEA0mq17o
The FBI says 57.5% of hate crimes in 2016 were related to race or ethnicity. Attacks targeting black people accounted for half of those. https://t.co/yuau7svunr
Lena Dunham has apologized for defending “Girls” writer Murray Miller after he was accused of sexual assault https://t.co/2S0AlYtGK2
Obscured by security worries, car bombs, and a resurgent Taliban, a surprisingly resilient hipster scene has emerged in Kabul ☕https://t.co/x1cXNa0Dmi
This woman gets death threats for her opinions, but she isn't going to stop expressing them https://t.co/r2nszKMqMe
Richard Ratcliffe’s wife Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is imprisoned in Iran. This is how it feels when your partner is in a jail cell thousands of miles from home https://t.co/tSqoh2gjCj
Zimbabwe’s ruling party has reportedly removed Robert Mugabe as leader. His 37-year rule of the country appears to be coming to an end https://t.co/LdtKdAQGhF
Sean Spicer hired a renowned mega agent and made the rounds at various news networks. So how did he fail to land a plush TV deal? https://t.co/DigQQDFPFj
The growing Somalia presence now rivals the US presence in Syria, where defense officials say 503 US troops currently are operating https://t.co/lo6fMzlaTC
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