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Milwaukee Bucks
should we keep playing fearthedeer
should we keep playing fearthedeer
Should we keep playing?

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SportsNet LA
lajohnhartung realnedcolletti amp chase utley recap a dominant dodgers win against miami
.@LAJohnHartung, @realnedcolletti & Chase Utley recap a dominant #Dodgers win against Miami.
Call of Duty World L
it s been a long time coming congratulations to your 2019 cwl pro league champions
It's been a long time coming… congratulations to @eunitedgg, your 2019 CWL Pro League CHAMPIONS!!!#CWLPS4

Atlanta Braves
two slides are better than one chopon
Two slides are better than one 😇

@TheAJMendez 2 hours
a moment ago a woman driving by in her car shouted at me to go back to where i came from instead of being angr
A moment ago, a woman driving by in her car shouted at me to go back to where I came from. Instead of being angry, I’m just going to sit at my computer and keep writing about strong, brilliant, Latina superheroes. That’d probably really piss her off. #RepresentationMatters
Kevin McCarthy
conservatives believe in private property ownership and in this digital era your data is your private property
Conservatives believe in private property ownership, and in this digital era, YOUR DATA is your private property. When it comes to the data that tech companies collect from you, you should be able to see it, control it, and—if you so choose—delete it.
San Francisco Giants
blasting off again sfgiants
Blasting off again. 🚀

Houston Astros
first career wins in back to back days
First career wins in back-to-back days! 👏👏👏
John Bolton
venezuelas interim president guaido calls on all venezuelans to continue the fight and struggle for democracy
Venezuela’s Interim President Guaido calls on all Venezuelans to continue the fight and struggle for democracy against the tyrant Nicolas Maduro. The United States will continue to stand by President Guaido until there is freedom, prosperity, and peace in Venezuela.
Atlanta Braves
i love a rainy night chopon
🎶 I love a rainy night 🎶

@espn 31 minutes
ronald acuna jr falls rounding third that didn t stop him from scoring
Ronald Acuna Jr. falls rounding third.

That didn't stop him from scoring 🔥
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