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Like Guy Goma, except long term. (Work ≠ this)

Latest Scoops

Okay here's the plan. Here's how we're going to get rich and escape this shitwater town.
god saw us liking sunshine so is making us smoke the whole pack
Perhaps England should withdraw now, as a contingency? She is 92 after all.
What happens if the Queen dies on the morning of the World Cup final?
Well done the Britain football team.
Six years on, I have learned to spell swizz.
Which means my uncertainty about whether the pole counts as part of the sign may be responsible for an unquantifiable number of road deaths over the next few decades. There's a cheery thought.
I am, I suspect, the last person in the world to realise that Google is using us to train its autonomous vehicle AI.
So no one told you life was going.

               Always stuck.

   It hasn't been.

(The rain starts.)


(I've been there before.)

The Beatles: approval ratings by year
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