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Like Guy Goma, except long term. (Work ≠ this)

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Ah yes, Schwitcoin.
I've had a few replies that quibble with technical details, but none that contradict the internal logic.
Sure, but you may have missed this interview he did with Total Guitar in 1986. https://t.
Fascinating stats on this one.
No it's not. I've double sourced all the details on Reddit.
The Bitcoin community awaits the return of Satoshi Nakamoto.
So far, Bolgakov's superior GPU has given him a speed advantage over all other players.

But there is still one challenger who can take him down.
As of this moment, Bitcoin's biggest investors are gathering in Quake III's Dungeon Zone to try and kill Bolgakov. However, environmentalists are also corralling there with the intention of protecting Bolgakov and suppressing demand for graphics cards.
Since last week, Bolgakov has been playing Quake III and not buying any Bitcoin.
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