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European Commission denies that a new offer to the UK is imminent - at this stage “The EU is not ready to throw a lifeline. Let’s first see how things develop on UK side,” said an official. Substance of the idea not dismissed but UK/DUP reactions to it noted

Varadkar open to the idea ‘We are absolutely open to proposals that would take into account the democratic wishes and the views of the people of Northern Ireland in relation to consent and in relation to democracy.’ But

I think consent and possibility of unilateral revocation is the added element - and significant

Yup and he did not repeat Oettinger's orthodox lines on consent from. There is movement behind the scenes if UK moves first

There are traitors. And then there are "real traitors"...

Can't stop listening to this - h/t @ThomasWPenny  Loved it as a young Revillos/Ruts/Upstarts/Meteors punkabilly. Pity they were all grebos (makes spitting sound)

#askTwitter who has some good Beatles/John Lennon puns for the Johnson/Varadkar talks today?


NEW EU ready to make a major concession on consent by allowing a double majority in the NI assembly to leave new Irish backstop after (as yet) unspecified number of years

Every day, I am more and more struck how unrepresentative and flakey Britain's political class/state apparatus has become and how incapable it is at dealing with change, or a challenge (such as Brexit). It seems so weak and looks so irrelevant

Timing of this could not be worse. It is doing the rounds in all the EU delegations. Expect France, Barnier etc to raise it later

Summit could be called off. Germany and France not on same page I hear. What a disaster for May if #EUCO  is cancelled

Microphone at end of press statements, picked Varadkar speaking to Tusk "They'll give you terrible trouble, the British, for this," he said. Tusk nodded and laughed.

Dead in a ditch? He fled a tiny protest of middle class professionals led by a classical music singer