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Bruce Rheins is former Deputy Bureau Chief, West Coast, CBS News; now happily retired/open to new prospects. Retweets, opinions, you know the drill.

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@RealPressSecBot  Dear @realDonaldTrump  : Senator Schumer did NOT block extension of the $600 additional weekly unemployment benefit; he blocked the paltry $200 offer from one of Russia's favorite Senators, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

@mbalter  @jayrosen_nyuJames  Murdoch is not on the board of Fox Corp., which owns Fox News and the Fox broadcast network. News Corp., from which he resigned, owns the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, among others.

@TVMoJoe  I agree with most of your points, although I think you're right that that the vast majority of people across the country weren't really familiar with Scientology before Going Clear, top politicians in CA certainly were aware of the controversies and accusations by 2010.

@yashar  Leaking it to the Daily Caller now really makes it seem like it came from one of the rival veep candidates’ camps; GOP would have been better served by waiting til she was picked.

@Averre13  @emilynussbaumWhen  I listened to "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting "-- which came out in 1973, Nixon's second term-- I thought it went: It's seven o'clock and I wanna rock Watergate has made a fool of me.

Just bought the same sheet, then looked up the bios of each one of these giants of the Harlem Renaissance.

@ddale8  Do all these people get COVID tests before wandering up to him, dissolving into tears, to say "Thank you, sir, for reversing energy efficiency "?

@thedavidcrosby  Joni Mitchell's guitar playing has always been woefully underrated and underappreciated. I always wonder if it was just because she is a woman; I'be often thought that if she included just an instrumental or two on an album, people would understand.

I am sure @secupp  would agree with this campaign, as we wait another "5...10 minutes" for our table at the Chinese restaurant, and I hope @JerrySeinfeld  supports it as well.

So Larry Kudlow is suggesting that unemployed people will now get $800 per week bonus instead of the $600 that just expired. A) I'm all for that and B) 🎶You're gonna lose your job🎶


I wasn’t a member of @AndrewYangVFA  #YangGang ‘s , but I have to say he is really making very valuable insights @CNNo @CNNPoliticsn #scprimary2020 '>Politic #SCprimary2020 #SouthCarolinaPrimary ‘ panels.

If I were British, I’d pay more than a Quid to listen to a Pro like @RandyRainbow  do QUOOOOOOO-klahoma like this.

@Jordanfabian  @YamicheSo , please, @Yamiche , when you write this for @nytimes (and all the other @whcareporters ), write “the President lied to my face when he said...”

Once again, @AndrewYangVFA  impressed on @CNNPoliticshe  panel with good insights; as opposed to Bernie suppor @AbdulElSayeder  , who just wondered if Biden was being helped by endorsements and whether he would get more of them. 🤔

@soledadobrien  Oh for goodness sake, @AlexBerenson  , your city isn’t “in ruins”. Tell that to the people of Beirut in the 80s, of Srebrenica in the 90s, of Baghdad in the 2000s, of Fallujah in the 2010s, of Idlib now.

@Stonekettle  Aside from all of this very astute analysis, as @Green_Footballs  points out, there was exactly ONE year that the US didn’t have any debt: 1835.

I contributed a few bucks; won't you? This is legit, organized by @yashar  Ali. Help Hourly Workers During The Coronavirus Crisis

@andersoncooper  is all of us watching this insane mayor of Las Vegas on @CNN  .

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