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Christian Kirk is the 3rd Round sounds like a great bargain to me.. If the Colts end up with all this, it'd be quite a haul.
Spoke to a Group of 5 coach about the impact of the early-signing period: "I didn’t like it when they first put it in. When it was over, it was awesome. Best thing that ever happened to us. We didn’t lose anybody (unlike past yrs where big schools were able to swoop in late)."
I'm still gonna read this but I'm guessing the answer starts with "cause the head coach is a real badass."
My story on The Art of Shot Blocking: How #WVU's Sagaba Konate Became a Master of Rejection: https://t.co/06f9W28rjF
New Audible: Broadcasting icon @TimBrando joins us to discuss, well, everything + later we answer your questions on #Nebraska & Scott Frost and the new HC we think has the best chance to win a Power 5 conference first: https://t.co/hpMLAQhqUx
About to tape The Audible> Got any college football questions for our podcast... send 'em here!
#Louisville and #UCF have agreed to a two-year home-and-home football series to be played in 2021 (In Louisville) and 2022 (in Orlando).
Compared to Auburn Clemson, this game is a nail biter.
Bruuuutal start for #Marshall star Jon Elmore. He's 1-5 with SIX turnovers.
Fired up to watch #Marshall's Jon Elmore vs #WVU. Teammates told me his range is good from the edge of the half-court circle.
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