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“You can only control public policy in a democracy by controlling who sets the policy. And voter suppression is the most effective way to block that policy.”
Europeans hope that the Trump era is an anomaly, but @ConStelz argues the trans-Atlantic divide has never been so stark #MSC2019
Child labor remains high in the cocoa-dependent country of Côte d’Ivoire, blocking education access in rural areas
Are we at a crisis point in trans-Atlantic relations? Brookings experts offer their takes in a new scorecard: #MSC2019
How education systems around the world are championing—but not always teaching—the 21st century skills today’s students need:
How technology, legal remedies, and improved public awareness can address the dangers posed by “deepfake" videos
From political rivals to BFFs: This #PresidentsDay weekend, learn how the president-VP relationship in America has evolved over time
As the benefits and harms of AI are considered, @MarkMuro1 says geographic factors deserve a prominent place in the discussion:
"In a meritocracy, the danger is that the successful do not just think they are better off, but that they are better. The economic gap becomes an empathy gap, which becomes a respect gap."
"Rich white kids are more than twice as likely to stay rich as adults than they should be."

The Most Relevant

"If a black male student has at least one black teacher in the third, fourth, or fifth grade, he is significantly less likely to drop out of high school and more likely to aspire to attend a four-year college."
1 in every 4 African Americans in Florida was unable to vote in 2016
Nigeria has overtaken India as the country with the largest number of extreme poor
Trump appears to be on a direct collision course with the Emoluments Clause. A new study from & others:
Michigan "uncovered" hundreds of college-ready, low-income students just by requiring high schoolers to take the SAT #BackToSchool
Black women have similar odds of escaping poverty as white women—until they marry black men
"The average American is more likely to be shot by an armed toddler than killed by a terrorist."
Most Americans are better off today than when President Obama took office, a recent income analysis shows:
"The average American is more likely to be shot by an armed toddler than killed by a terrorist."
Obama will leave office after 75 straight months of jobs growth—the longest streak in US history #JobsReport
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