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Wednesday Friday

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This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, @Twitter  has determined that it will allow terrorists, dictators, and foreign propagandists to abuse its platform.

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Trump’s tweets yet again show what racism looks like. This is why we need new leadership. Vote.

Arresting reporters for doing their jobs is a mark of tyranny and demands a complete investigation and repercussions.

George Floyd was murdered on tape and the officers who killed him still haven't been arrested. At a time when the president should be bringing this country together, he instead sends racist tweets inciting violence. We demand accountability, justice, and systemic change.

Notice the stupid, incendiary tweets by leftist celebrities calling for more riots and racial violence? They all carry the same tactic message: “Burn everything down!...Except my mansion.”

So let me get this straight: When neo-Nazis protest there are “very fine people on both sides,” but when black and brown people protest it’s time to “start shooting.”

Ok, Charles, you want a legal debate. Cool. If you (3rd Party) write an op-ed in NYT & it’s defamatory, NYT can be sued. If you post identical defamatory op-ed on Twitter or FB, they can’t be sued—that’s sec 230. Congress did that bc they were “neutral.” Now, they censor.

The President did not glorify violence. He clearly condemned it. @jack  and Twitter's biased, bad-faith "fact-checkers" have made it clear: Twitter is a publisher, not a platform.