Stephen Hawking / Jane Wilde

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Stephen Hawking / Jane Wilde

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1. A “peaceful protestor” just now interviewed on Fox warned if he doesn’t get what he wants from DeBlasio and Cuomo he will burn the stores in the Diamond district of New York. Many if not most of those stores are owned by Orthodox Jews.

1. No bailouts for Democrat mayors and governors (or any local and state government for that matter).  The radical Democrat politicians trash the country and smear the American people, ruin their own cities, schools and businesses with leftist policies and political corruption,

2. Despite the overwhelming evidence, the anti-Semitic nature of this movement is being utterly ignored by major newsrooms throughout the country — including the Holocaust denying NY Times and Washington Post.  CNN, MSNBC, and the major television networks have also ignored it.

2. and now are destroying their own police departments — so you pay for the hell you’ve created as you embrace Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and as the national Democrat Party celebrates the chaos and anarchy for votes.

3. To his credit, Fox host Eric Shawn immediately denounced the on-air threat.  Hat’s off to him.

Enormous crowds in Washington Square Park for hours - speakers, singing, chanting - all peaceful. Hung in through a downpour. High emotion from protesters I spoke with, “It’s the pain of seeing these things happen over and over again” said one.

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Loyalty is rare. If you find it, keep it.

I just pre-ordered Candace Owens’s new book. I encourage you to do the same.

Watch this baby elephant smile when he finally learns to use his trunk 😭

A middle school near the site of George Floyd's death received over 29,000 bags of donated supplies: "It’s what a community is supposed to be."