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Today: - @ProfTolson  on early voting issues around the US, - @NYT 's Donald McNeil with some cautious COVID optimism 🤞, - @anya1anya  and @GriffithMW  on the candidates' education plans, - @yvonnelatty  on dementia in the time of COVID Live at 10 on 93.9 FM, AM820 or @WNYC .org

COMING UP after the news: Brian's questions, and yours, for @NYCMayor  Bill de Blasio. Call in with your questions for our weekly #AskTheMayor  at 646-435-7280, and LISTEN on 93.9 FM, AM 820 or at

Tonight's will be the second and final #2020debate  between Biden and Trump. On the show today, @MaraLiasson  gave us a preview of what's to come & the lowdown on other political news of the day

Today: - @NinaTotenberg  on the future of SCOTUS, - @JumaaneWilliams  with the latest in NYC's COVID response, - @jelani9  on voter suppression, - Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of Berkeley Law , and @jamifloyd  on affirmative action, and - BK sci-fi genius @nkjemisin 

Live NOW: Rep. @KathleenRice  on COVID-relief in congress, the election, and what she's been hearing in the Homeland Security committee. LISTEN:


One of the first staffers to quit the Trump White House was the ethics guy. Now returns with better ideas for reigning in bad behavior.

Breaking News! Officer Pantaleo was found guilty on charges of illegal choke-hold. And the judge has recommended that he be fired.

BREAKING: Flights have been halted into LaGuardia + Newark because of a shortage of air-traffic control staff. : If our airports are not functioning people will die. What a tragedy. We're supposed to be the greatest country on earth and we can't keep the airports open.

Trump's biggest ethics breach? "The original sin of this Administration was that he did not divest his conflicting financial interest,"says "But I don't think people have a full appreciation for how dangerous that actually is."

Maybe the stat of the night: NBC reports Dearborn Michigan, 40% Arab, goes to Jewish candidate in Democratic primary. BL

In today's interview, @RepJerryNadler  expressed frustration at the misconception that impeachment proceedings aren't underway. The committee is holding impeachment hearings this week, and investigations are active. LISTEN:

Trump told Tucker Carlson Montenegrins are "very aggressive" -- notes that raised alarms b/c he's told "that is the exact language that the Kremlin uses" to describe E. Europeans not under Russian influence.

You are getting sleepy... You will vote on Thursday, September 13th in the New York Primary. You will vote on Thursday. You will vote on Thursday. You will get out the vooooote.

Puerto Rico is looking for volunteer truck drivers to distribute emergency supplies. If you hold this special license call 469-401-9603.