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From @greggutfeld 's penguin weighing to #SpecialReport---  thanks to @TheFive  for this transition. #FoxNews  #penguin 

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Sondland confirms that the Ukraine scheme was a quid pro quo: the conditioning of official acts, a WH meeting and military aid, for something of great value to the president. It goes right to the heart of the issue of bribery, and other potential high crimes and misdemeanors.

....”I WANT NOTHING! I WANT NOTHING! I WANT NO QUID PRO QUO! TELL PRESIDENT ZELENSKY TO DO THE RIGHT THING!” Later, Ambassador Sondland said that I told him, “Good, go tell the truth!” This Witch Hunt must end NOW. So bad for our Country!

We join families of Kevin King & Tim Weeks in celebrating their release from Taliban captivity. Thanks to President Ghani for his courageous support. Let’s hope this leads to more good things on the peace front like a ceasefire that will help end this long war. Proud of my team!

Democrats claim impeachment won’t keep them from legislating. But Speaker Pelosi has refused to allow a vote on USMCA for months. It appears there's no governing priority – no matter how bipartisan, no matter how beneficial to Americans – that won't take a backseat to impeachment

President @realDonaldTrump  delivers a statement on the sham impeachment process:

Criminals are going to be very excited about this new legal principle that if you verbally deny the crime you are committing while you are committing it, you are innocent.

Trump appears to believe that his statement just now will be “the final word from the pres of the U.S.”

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We are the strongest campaign to defeat Trump. Or Pence. Or whoever the Republicans put up.

Schiff made sure to take full advantage of the short break to do what he does best— put on a show for the cameras.