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A coalition of black business owners and leaders held a press conference Tuesday where they demanded corporations, particularly those in Atlanta, Georgia, understand the diversity of opinions in the black community before taking political stances.

Over 120 retired flag officers warned the country is in deep peril and under tremendous assault from those pushing socialism and Marxism.

Leftists are FURIOUS that Tim Tebow may reportedly reenter the woke BLM-NFL and say it's an example of "white privilege."

Nolte: Welcome to Jimmy Carter 2.0, to an America saddled with a failed president and a failed Deep State whose minions worry about everything except what actually matters.

Nolte: It’s good Donald Glover is speaking up [against Cancel Culture]. Hopefully more will join him, but I fear that like most moral panics, this one will take a generation to work itself out.

Andrew Yang did the right thing and backed Israel. Now Democrats are making him pay the price.

The Biden White House repeatedly reassured Americans there was no gas shortage in the United States after the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Hmmmmm!


Juanita Broaddrick, now able to bypass the establishment media's filter.

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Kathleen Willey calls out Andrea Mitchell, Jake Tapper for spinning sexual assault allegations as "infidelities."…

"They want to make Scott Foval the fall guy. But this rot goes higher and deeper." #BirdDogging  #Veritas 

“Trump hired me off the streets... He shook my hand and said, ‘Welcome to the family.’”

Not the first time this Guardian reporter has been busted cutting words that completely change a quote's meaning.