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Do you trust these zealots to responsibly police political speech?

Something to note the next time you're told to vote for the people demanding mud huts for thee but years of growing industrial output for Xi:

And you're just the genius to make this evaluation.

"President Trump, your words and actions are a betrayal of my brothers and sisters in uniform, the American people, and our Constitution."

So instead of a Chinese-owned robot, it'll be the purple-haired community managers. Sounds promising.


Juanita Broaddrick, now able to bypass the establishment media's filter.

today is the only day you can rt this

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Kathleen Willey calls out Andrea Mitchell, Jake Tapper for spinning sexual assault allegations as "infidelities."…

"They want to make Scott Foval the fall guy. But this rot goes higher and deeper." #BirdDogging  #Veritas 

“Trump hired me off the streets... He shook my hand and said, ‘Welcome to the family.’”

Not the first time this Guardian reporter has been busted cutting words that completely change a quote's meaning.