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The recent bout of inflation has Americans worried about the economy and their family finances, even though the economy has been growing at a rapid clip.

We have nothing to hide, of course! That's why we're not telling you anything.

What a cruel comparison for the families of victims of drunk drivers.

Even CNN can't sweep it under the rug any longer...

And also because some drama queen wanted the world to affirm how virtuous he is.

As crime surges in California, former Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) was assaulted and robbed in Oakland, California, on Monday afternoon.

What a twisted industry where anyone can deem Sean Penn a hero.


The Democrat post-presidency impeachment stunt is such a political disaster for the Democrat Party that even China Joe is saying "we have to move on"!

Please make sure the people you love know this

This is what 74,000,000+ working class Americans are up against

The Hungarian government is scrapping income tax for under-25s to help young people “to have a future in Hungary, to start a family, raise children, prosper, and live” the country’s families minister told Breitbart in an exclusive interview.

The Koch’s network of donor class organizations and the United States Chamber of Commerce are lobbying senators to help pass Sens. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) amnesty plan for millions of illegal aliens.

@SenTomCotton  is pressing Joe Biden to answer for what he calls dangerous immigration policies which are leading to flooding of the nation with “unvaccinated” illegal aliens capable of further spreading the coronavirus within America’s borders.