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#Podcast The EU and AstraZeneca have failed to make a breakthrough over delayed Covid-19 vaccine deliveries, the bloc's health chief has said. @ShonaMurrayNTas  the latest, here:

Dublin is no longer one of the top 10 liveable cities in the world, but how can it get back there? Shane Coleman shares his thoughts

It's busy on @NewstalkFM  between now and 7 am: @ShaneBeattyKFM  takes the nation's 1st look at the morning papers on #BreakfastBriefing  @IFAmediajoins  to say farming incomes are under attack Vincent Wall has the latest business news on #BreakfastBusinessfrom  6.30am #BKNT 

#Podcast "It is a level of debt that we can manage for now" Minister for Finance @Paschaldjoins  @BreakfastNTafter  reports that public indebtedness has increased by €35 billion during the pandemic. #ListenBackhere :

#ICYMI The UK is rolling out an ambitious vaccination plan that aims to have all over 50s jabbed by March. David Salisbury, Frmr Dir of Immunisation at the UK’s Dept of Health explains how the sick man of Europe turned their pandemic fortunes around:

#podcast "This law is supposed to prevent the most hidden victims of exploitation - the legislation says that those who exploit their vulnerability should be targeted" @Noeline_Bsays  she's disappointed at the low number being prosecuted for buying sex

#ListenBack The UK government has announced an end to badger culling with no new licenses being issues after 2022 – is it time to do the same here? @Irishvegandudeamp ; @IFAmediao  head to head, here:

#ICYMI Dublin has dropped out of the top 10 index of “most liveable” cities in the world. Dublin MEP @CiaranCuffetells  us how the Capital can claw it's way back up the league table, here:


How would you vote in a United Ireland poll? @sinnfeinireland  have called for a border poll within 5 years #BKNT 

“By living their normal lives and socializing, younger people are actually helping protect the elderly because it means we will reach herd immunity sooner” Harvard Professor@MartinKulldorff  told @BreakfastNT  lockdowns do more harm than good #ListenBack 

#POLL The Oireachtas Good Friday agreement committee are meeting today to discuss whether citizens in the North should have voting rights in our Presidential elections. What do you think? Should we allow Irish citizens in the north vote in our Presidential elections? #BKNT 

#Poll NPHET has recommended a nationwide move to level 5 restrictions. This would see a return to lockdown-like restrictions including a 5km movement radius, 6 person max on weddings and a ban on at-home visitors. What do you think - should the Government follow the advice?

#POLL Earlier@BreakfastNTspoke  to @GramsdBDirector  of 'Help not Harm' who believes a future Citizens Assembly on drugs should examine safely regulating drugs (like cannabis) including potential taxation of them to help pay for public services. Should we legalize cannabis?

Over 3,000 people have signed a petition calling for RTE to boycott next year's Eurovision Song contest. What do you think? do you think we should boycott it? #BKNT 

We locked these two eejits in a room together for 4,500 hrs over the last 6-years. Tomorrow is their last show.

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