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New from me: New internal documents show Facebook has long known—via years of experimentation and research—that its algorithms and recommendation systems push users to extremes. To researchers they gaslit, “Facebook literally helped facilitate a cult."

Another important group that Facebook totally didn’t dissolve.

You would think I would be used to it by now, but I am constantly shocked at how often and easily people just lie. About big things! That can be easily found out!

If you want to understand why my work best friend is tired of the culture war media manipulation tactic that plays out the same way over and over again for all time amen, you get a good sense of it from this story he wrote in 2015.

Just got served a viral TikTok video where a woman insists that discarded child car seats in parking lots are a human trafficking tactic. And the amount of people who truly believe kidnappers are fishing for women outside of Targets using old baby gear is astonishing.

What do Stop the Steal, QAnon, Covid-denial, anti-vaxxers, incels, and Sanguinarian vampires all have in common?

This new, expertly-reported feature from @Hannah_Dreyfus  on how Liberty University discourages rape reporting left me shaking.

Just learned @Katie_M_Baker  is stepping up as executive editor of The Daily Beast under EIC @TracyConnor . It's hard to overstate how happy this makes me. Katie taught me how to write and how to survive in this brutal industry without losing your soul. The Daily Beast is so lucky!


A 4-year-old in Colorado died from flu this week. Days before, his mom reached out to Facebook's biggest anti-vaxx group. Members told her not to take the Tamiflu a doctor had prescribed, but give him oils and elderberries and put potatoes in his socks.

Tucker Carlson saying right now that government is going to "use" what happened today as a way to "strip" people of their rights. All your freedoms "are in peril," he tells his audience. WHAT IS FOX NEWS DOING?

EXCLUSIVE: Documents from an internal Facebook investigation into Qanon show, for the first time, the massive scale of the conspiracy theory's community on the platform. We're talking thousands of groups, millions of members. From me and @ArijitDSen 

They've been saying they would do this for years. YEARS. Threatening a second civil war and violence. And no one listened. Because it was just online.

There is a HUGE constellation full of “Breaking News” Twitter accounts that spread hoaxes and unverified info to rack up followers. If you see a “BREAKING” post from a source you don’t know, spreading incredible news without a link, best to question it.

Tucker needed an origin story so he attacked his first grade teacher—the one who was hired by his wealthy dad to give him extra tutoring when he struggled to read—as a hysterical woman in “Indian skirts”who shirked her duty to teach. WaPo talked to her.

Stealing from creators is a nonpartisan crime @ProjectLincoln .

I used to teach a media literacy course and I kinda wish I still did so Andy Ngo’s videos could be put to good use. Selective edits, stripping context, text that doesn’t match visuals, emotional manipulation, obvious bias, historical untrustworthiness, the man does it all!