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Boy George


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@johngrantmusic follow me bitch!

Come hear some new songs, demos, follow the journey!

Yes. It's complete reasonable to remove tweets that on reflection do not reflect your permanent point of view!

Who cares what I said yesterday!

Hey @SheldRiley  excited that you are here in London for the birth of 'Vain Dragon'. Let's create some 'Melodrama!

Gorgeous night at @TheAlbertHall  for the Fashion Awards. #FashionAwards  Thanks to @VangelisPoly  and @marypearce8  for radiating with me!

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Lot's of people desperately trying to create moments for themselves under the guise of trying to free us from what we see and what we know. The internet is spitting out light weight pioneers who have not payed their dues to anything! #getlost 


Sad to hear that older black voters in South Carolina have issue with @PeteButtigieg  living with his husband. People don't chose their race or their sexuality. God is constantly trying to teach us compassion and we won't listen!

I am sad to hear that someone online, posing as myself has been asking fans for money. Please, do not fall for these hideous scams. I will never ask anyone for anything. Only love. Pass this message around please!

Today is the worst day ever. Prince R.I.P I am crying!

What kind of human decides that hunting Elephants is a great idea. It's just heartbreakingly cruel. Elephants are majestic and special.

Tearful about the passing of @PeteBurnsICON  he was one of our great true eccentrics and such a big part of my life! Wow. Hard to believe!