Book Of Proverbs

Book Of Proverbs

Bible Quotes from the Book Of Proverbs

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Come to me, all you who are weary & burdened, & I will give you rest. -Matt 11:28

If you stop learning, you will forget what you already know. -Proverbs 19:27

Don't let negative pictures play on the movie screen of your mind. You own the remote control. All you have to do is change the channel.

Feed your fears, & your faith will starve. Feed your faith & your fears will.

Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the mind & healing to the body. -Proverbs 16:24

God let me live the life you have planned for me.


God is the best part of my life. Without Him, I can't imagine where I'd be.

God will not allow a trial to come into your life unless He has a purpose. He doesn't send the storms, but He uses them.

Don't procrastinate — there's no time to lose. -Proverbs 6:4

Friends come and go, but Jesus comes and stays.

Everything happens for a reason. I may not understand it now, but God does, and that is all that matters.

You're not a failure until you stop trying. If you have no other testimony you have this one: "I'm still here."

God never tells us to do anything without giving us the ability to do it. (see Philippians 4:13)