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Facebook allows pro-Bloomberg posts from paid staffers, may change that now

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This is what happened at Lafayette Park. Still proud of your grotesque betrayal, Mr. Mattis?

JUST IN: Jay-Z sends private jet for Ahmaud Arbery’s family lawyer to get to court

1. I see John Kelly, another retired general, has jumped in on behalf of his old buddyJim Mattis.  Kelly is another general who said nothing about the abuse dumped on Mike Flynn.  So be it.  Generals aren't perfect.  Some are quite flawed.

Brazil eases lockdown despite record deaths, its president says death is 'everyone's destiny' | @BISouthAfrica 

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Netflix multimillionaire and former Divider-in-Chief is back, stoking the flames in a video statement from one of his mansions 

Body cameras aren’t just capturing cops planting evidence, they’re showing how bad they are at it. #tbt 

Keep it coming everyone. We're pushing through, obviously nothing happens overnight but it's only been a few nights & things are moving. 4 officers charged. Elected officials changing their tune. Things that WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED if we hadn’t raised our voice. #BlackLivesMatter 

Hip-hop musicians that made Forbes’ highest paid celebrities of 2020 list: Kanye West ($170M) Post Malone ($60M) Diddy ($55M) Jay-Z ($53.5M) Drake ($49M) Travis Scott ($39.5M) DJ Khaled ($36.5M)

“Get your rest, George. You changed the world, George.” @TheRevAl  says at George Floyd’s memorial service.