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  3. juju makes his case for lebron to join the steelers.
JuJu makes his case for LeBron to join the Steelers.
JuJu makes his case for LeBron to join the Steelers.


Will Rob Cross find his world title form when he makes his Champions League of Darts debut? Check out the Postcast preview here: https://t.co/yMcdq3SonR
TEAM NEWS: Brendan Rodgers hands Celtic new boy his European debut for the club 👇

Torreira, Leno AND Aubameyang start

Join @jamesbenge for Arsenal team news from the Emirates https://t.co/GkU0BKqDx0
👋 #HeyLeno - @Bernd_Leno makes his Arsenal debut tonight 🙌

All the best Bernd 🔴
Markelle Fultz looks to have conquered his case of the yips https://t.co/PmXNCfBoPi
The state of AZ is still - STILL - paying for the civil defense of Craig Carter, the disgraced coach who had sex with his athlete then stalked, harassed & physically attacked her. The price tag is now north of $1.1 Mil. $1.6 Mil if u include all parties https://t.co/ZIucH3lZrs
For Vita Vea, he's practicing for the first time since July -- a major step toward making his NFL debut after missing all of preseason and Bucs' first two games with a calf injury.
Antonio Brown vented his frustrations and said he is "pissed off" by the Steelers losing: https://t.co/DQYBeVsEf1
.@packers fans Phil and his wife Jennifer visited the HOF today for their 1st time. They met @PFHOFPrez while in Canton. Phil recently attended the Week 2 games for the Packers and Bears to see the HOF Ring Ceremonies for #PFHOF18 members @JerryKramer64GB & .@BUrlacher54
Emre Can has apologised for his "we're not women" comments after Cristiano Ronaldo's red card in the Champions League.

Read: https://t.co/x7GC1UcOCm
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