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  3. even the refs couldn't believe this manu pass went in the hoop 😂
Even the refs couldn't believe this Manu pass went in the hoop 😂
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Even the refs couldn't believe this Manu pass went in the hoop 😂


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In 2017, @L_Bell26 ranked first in offensive touches (406) and rush attempts (321). If he and the d#Steelerso not come to terms on a long-term deal in the next hour, is there any reason to believe the team will use him less (read: conserve him) this coming season?
FBI doesn't just believe Russia hijacked the US Presidential election, they're worried Moscow will influence the midterms this winter too. @projectexile7 warned in London last month that not enough preparations are being made. Another reason Trump's appeasement of Putin is so worrying...
Even before the cameras rolled on a special #TheXTRA for #CR7DAY, @RayHudson and @GDMetellus8 couldn't stop talking about @Cristiano arriving at @juventusfcen. 🔥
As you can see from their faces, George and Ray have very different ways of focusing for a show. 🤣 #ATTBACKSTAGE
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VIDEO: We reveal our 🔝🔟 goals of the 2018 #WorldCup in Russia. So many amazing goals didn't even make this list! 😱 https://t.co/Ie3Jk4DaWR
Happy 75th, Jimmy Johnson

@SI_PeterKing went inside the Cowboys’ 1991 draft room with Johnson and Jerry Jones in this piechttps://t.co/enHPIXvhIse
The album art for @FreddieGibbs’ “Freddie” is without flaw. Look at this man’s effortless panache! Don’t even get me started on the tunes. Easily one of the best albums of the year.
No. 4:

That mohawk just couldn’t go unnoticed, even in the shadows! It’s @FCBayernEN's @kingarturo23 🔴⚪
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I strongly believe one day there will be social media/internet licenses. We have rules and repercussions in the real world and I feel that will eventually carry over to this online world.… https://t.co/gz0gp6Bxhf
And the point that Stroman would go on a 'F-bomb dropping' rant over something as innocuous as someone asking him about Nat Bailey Park reminds me that time he went after a camera guy for asking about a pitcher's meeting the starters just had. This is nothing new.
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