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IT's time. ⌚️
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IT's time. ⌚️


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It's @ALeague Finals time, baby! @gomvfc and @AdelaideUnited clash on @one_tv at 5.30pm EST! #MVCvADL
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Nth Melbourne 11.9 (75) lead Hawthorn 3.0 (18)
Total domination by the Roos! What's happened to Hawthorn?
LIVE COVERAGE: https://t.co/14mo7koGAL
MATCH CENTRE: https://t.co/gPWpppHtDr
Time to step on the gas at historic Bendigo site https://t.co/zs80bsjyFs
Congrats to Sean Manaea. He was really good the only time I saw him in person. But Andy Cox was better and @AustinPeayBSB won the game, ending Manaea's season.
The #Jets are hoping to get their next Namath this time, but history tells us it's unlikely https://t.co/sEkj76xjyT
Tough 1st set for Heather #Watson as Nara saves 3 set points before taking it 7-6.

Time for a @FedCup comeback! #BackTheBrits 🇬🇧
Heather Watson has just lost the first set on a tie-break, from 6-3 up and three set points. Nara won it 9-7.

Still two more sets required to put Britain into the World Group stages of the #FedCup for the first time since 1993.

@btsport TV or @BBCSport online/app to watch.
Clarko extremely animated at the qtr time huddle. Punched his notes at the end...not happy Jan. #AFLNorthHawks
(Basically I needed one of your floating “Narrator” bubbles over me in real time)
Nth Melbourne 7.5 (47) lead Hawthorn 2.0 (12)
Kangaroos on fire in the opening term.
LIVE COVERAGE: https://t.co/14mo7koGAL
MATCH CENTRE: https://t.co/gPWpppHtDr
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