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  3. the end of the thunder-bucks game was insane 😳
The end of the Thunder-Bucks game was insane 😳
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The end of the Thunder-Bucks game was insane 😳


The Crew might have lost Game 4, but that bullpen was incredible.

@jaugie46 and @Dario_Melendez with the details on another #NLCS version of #Brewers Final Pitch:
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#Brewers were 0 for 8 with RISP tonight. Dodgers were 2 for 10 but it was that second hit that did it in the 13th.
#NightTalk with Mitch Harris. Tonight: 'The real worry is the influence of #China on our politics' - what do you make of the recording released by Jami-Lee Ross today? What was the most damning part? What is the end-game here? https://t.co/jPLob1HPQH
Building materials have collapsed or fallen 20 times at Edinburgh schools in the last two years – including three incidents at Liberton High where a pupil was tragically killed after a wall fell on top of her in 2014.
Lorenzo Cain, 0 for 6 with 3 Ks in Game 4: Oh, man. I’ve been struggling big-time, I can tell you that. I’ve been pretty bad the last few games. I definitely need to get it going. Get my swing going, find a way to get on base as much as possible for these guys behind
The trouble with trying to "expand" the strike zone on a hitter is the pitcher can miss his spot and then the game is over, as happened with Bellinger. #Brewers probably should have walked him, walked Grandal and let Dodgers decide what to do with the pitcher, Urias.
Patient returns home from hospital to find the car he was restoring wrongly destroyed by council

The Warriors just changed the game with the first-ever reversible rings https://t.co/gD4DsAH2cp
I just went out back and lit up one of the Cuban cigars that have languished in my freezer since I found out I was having a kid two years ago just to be different.
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