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  3. the end of the thunder-bucks game was insane 😳
The end of the Thunder-Bucks game was insane 😳
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The end of the Thunder-Bucks game was insane 😳


“The point was, when we got up big, to keep our foot on the gas. I thought we did a great job of that."

@EBled2 discusses last night's WIN:
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A kind-hearted woman has set up a fundraising page to help pay for the treatment of a stray dog which was stabbed in the Niddrie area of Edinburgh.
#49ers WR Marquise Goodwin and his wife Morgan open up about another devastating loss, this time the loss of twin baby boys. This was the reason for Goodwin's (understandable) absence late in the season.

Finally someone has set a deadline. Harvey Kitani is giving the City Section teams in Saturday’s Rolling Hills State Preview Classic until 6 pm Thursday to figure out if they can play. So now the strike needs to end.
At meetings with Ad Sales consultants today and will miss Met presser--One colleague said to me--"Shocked SNY or ESPN never put you in charge of Ad Sales--you move the Ad Sales needle as well as anyone in the biz." That was nice to hear
"This is alright, this. This life. This madness. It’s alright. This is why we do it. For this. This feeling, this energy, this brightness, this adrenaline."

@CaulkinTheTimes sat with the #NUFC fans at Ewood Park to see the game through their eyes. https://t.co/3CE2QmETkY
Long VAR check. Goal stands. Wouldn't fancy being on the wrong end of an Henry rant... (again)
This TCU walk-on thought he was in trouble with the police...until he found out he received a scholarship https://t.co/joZMExnHWc
Joe Thornton scored in his 1000th game with the @SanJoseSharks last night, extending their win streak to seven! Congrats, Jumbo! 👏🏼

Impact players via @invisibleshield https://t.co/171ehRToW9
When @RealCJ10 injured his knee in 1994, it was Terry Pendleton who was there with an important message.

Friday night, Chipper will give a tribute speech as Pendleton enters the @Braves Hall of Fame.
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