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  3. 🚨upset alert🚨 smu knocks off no. 2 arizona 66-60. it’s the wildcats second loss this week.

SMU knocks off No. 2 Arizona 66-60.

It’s the Wildcats second loss this week.

SMU knocks off No. 2 Arizona 66-60.

It’s the Wildcats second loss this week.


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I remember when Vince pulled this off 18 years ago. I watched the replay on repeat at my desk for the next half hour...I played the GIF from this whenever I got upset. Was a great way to vent, like, "I'm hurdling my problems & boomin' on 'em." https://t.co/rxdr8gnrtG
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🗣Gary Rowett: "Every game is important and we won't be prioritising one over any other. It is a three game week again though, and maybe we lost energy on Saturday because of the continuity we went with. This is a one-off game, and a nice distraction from the league. #SCFC
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