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Washington steals a win from the Giants!
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Washington steals a win from the Giants!


.@Marlins pitcher Drew Rucinski: 'In the #MLB you've got to be locked in every pitch,' after his big 3 innings in last night's come-from-behind win over the Giants. #JuntosMiami
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🇸🇳🎉🇷🇺 Our @eastonjamie was on hand for @FootballSenegal's win over Poland and for tonight's #TheXTRA he reports from the streets where the party is well and truly on both for Senegal fans and the hosting Russians.
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BREAKING | Vale Peter Thomson

Australia's greatest golfer has passed away, aged 88.

Thomson was the first Aussie to win the British Open, a tournament he won five times.

He had suffered from Parkinson's disease for the past four years.
Terry Cummings led the Bucks to a playoff series win over the 76ers in 1986-87 and ranked in the top-30 in the @NBA in points (25th), rebounds (27th) and steals (19th)!!

50 Best Bucks Player Seasons - #26: https://t.co/tESlgHwZi6
I’m still bugging that I was presented with the 24/7 dads award! I’ll never forget this moment! Getting ready to board plane in the am for the #DedicatedFatherSeries PRESS RUN! Washington DC always gotta be the first stop because I’m from there! #dedicateddads #DedicatedFather
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NBA teams should be getting better at drafting prospects. They're not.

The Washington Post studied data from every draft in a 25-year span and found no indication that teams are beginning to decode this high-stakes puzzle. https://t.co/TxCgBc2B8j
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