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  3. washington steals a win from the giants!
Washington steals a win from the Giants!
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Washington steals a win from the Giants!


“We just tried to do a little bit of everything to help our team win.”

Hear from LeBron James and Lonzo Ball as they become the first @Lakers teammates to post triple-doubles in the same game since Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1982.

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John Jenkins (@JohnnyCashVU23) COULD NOT MISS in the @wcknicks' win on Saturday night, dropping a TEAM-LEADING 40 PTS on 6-of-11 shooting from long-range 🔥🔥🔥

@VandyMBB ↗️ @wcknicks
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UConn's perfect start to the second half from the field ends at 6-6. Christian Vital leads the team with 9 points, 5 boards, and 4 steals.

39-22 UConn | 13:11 | #BleedBlue
“Obviously, it wasn’t drawn up like that.”

But it worked. Here's @GreggDoyelStar on the hero from #iubb's thrilling Crossroads Classic win.
Stars WIN!! That's our third W of #WBBL04 😊

Three wickets for captain @DJbimmy + 33 from Mack and 26 from Lee with the bat #TeamGreen
LAL got B2B 3-pointers from Lonzo Ball, then a triple from Kuzma on the next trip to open a 69-54 lead early in the 3rd Q. Zo is 5 for 7 overall for 12 points with 5 assists, 4 boards and 4 steals. LeBron got the assist on all 3 triples, and has 17P, 8A and 8R.
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