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Washington steals a win from the Giants!
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Washington steals a win from the Giants!


GB domination in the @Sunshinecadiz GP today with a win from @JakeJSaywell , 2nd @GuyWilliamsGBR 3rd @PeterCharlesSJ ! https://t.co/jjVTkHdLBs
The former Standford standout holds off a strong challenge from defending champion Stephanie Bruce to win the women's title at the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic in 1:12.01. https://t.co/EwLZsNnGL2 @GasparillaTBR #PGDC18
Since we’re all on here waiting around let’s give yesterday’s hat from victory lane away! Still has a slight @BuschBeer smell to it! Retweet to win! Winner picked on my way home after the race!
Man City overwhelm woeful Arsenal to win the #CarabaoCup in one-sided League Cup final. Match report from Wembley by @JBurtTelegraph
Second-half goals from @VincentKompany and @21LVA help @ManCity to a 3-0 win over @Arsenal in the @EFLCup
final at Wembley.

Follow live updates and watch in-game clips or watch live on Sky Sports Football: https://t.co/IHBAEVBXDS
Loyola and Cathedral are one win away from playing for Southern Section Division 1 soccer title. The downtown World Cup.
🎥 | Watch the match winner from @T_Deeney & more from yesterday's 1-0 win#watfordfc over Everton here:

➡️ https://t.co/nxXiWNzzx0
"I knew I just had to keep riding to the finish and not look back." - More from @ellenvdijk after taking the win at #OmloopHageland today.

📝 https://t.co/77J28hsiGo
A win worthy of a thumbs up from the boss! 👍

Here's his reaction to #MUFC 2 Chelsea 1: https://t.co/FUF7zzTl3p
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