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dwyane got an all nba vote in his last season but it wasnt from gab union the whole wade house voted for klay
Dwyane got an All-NBA vote in his last season, but it wasn’t from Gab Union 😅

The whole Wade house voted for Klay

(via @DwyaneWade)

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BBC Sport
done deal england right back kieran trippier s move to spanish giants atletico madrid has been completed full

England right-back Kieran Trippier's move to Spanish giants Atletico Madrid has been completed.

Full story ➡ #Spurs #THFC #bbcfootball
LeBron James
i had it laid out before you knew what a plan was three hundred mil later now you understand us
I had it laid out before you knew what a plan was
Three Hundred mil’ later, NOW you understand us! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤫
David Ornstein
arsenal set to win race to sign william saliba close to completion after saint etienne centre back opted for l
Arsenal set to win race to sign William Saliba. Close to completion after Saint Etienne centre-back opted for #AFC. Loan back to #ASSE next season. Also working on loan for Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos & continue pursuit of Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney #RMFC #CelticFC
@MLB 2 hours
any day with baseball is a great day
Any day with baseball is a great day.
Chelsea FC
it s always been a chelsea thing ft frank lampard joe cole ron harris phil daniels and
It's always been a Chelsea thing. 🔵😉

ft: @rubey_lcheek, @CesarAzpi, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Ron Harris, @omid9, @clrafferty1, @JustinRose99, Phil Daniels, @AbbieAbbiemac, @oliverproudlock, @KennyAllstar, @TheBoyWolfy, @CapoLee100 and @DJTrevorNelson.

Bleacher Report
opened the i promise school to help at risk students one year since it opened 90 of students have met or exce
.@KingJames opened the I Promise School to help at-risk students.

One year since it opened, 90% of students have met or exceeded their growth goals, and the school hopes to set a blueprint for others across the country 🙌

Tottenham Hotspur
we have reached agreement with atletico madrid for the transfer of trippier2 we wish kieran all the best for t
We have reached agreement with Atletico Madrid for the transfer of @trippier2.

We wish Kieran all the best for the future.
Cleveland Browns
this month s espn cover
This month's @espn cover... 🐶
Manchester United
we ve heard of marauding full backs but how about a marauding centre half vlindelof mufc mutour
We've heard of marauding full-backs...

...but how about a marauding centre-half? 😉

@VLindelof #MUFC #MUTOUR
on this date in 1990 bo jackson and deion sanders played each other and combined for 4 hrs and 9 rbi
On this date in 1990, Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders played each other and combined for 4 HRs and 9 RBI 🔥
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